Some people, and not necessarily just teenage girls and women anymore, follow fashion trends as a hobby and statement of self-identity. However, when some new ones come in, they may be slow to embrace it because they don’t believe that it fits the latter. However, they end up doing so anyway because they value standing out so that they don’t feel invisible. Some trends are great and are likely to keep evolving. Others, however, simply sizzle out never to be seen again. The only thing that is ever certain about the fashion world is that nothing lasts forever. Senses of style and preferences change not only over the centuries but also over the seasons if not in less time than that. However, the one that we’re about to discuss is not for the faint-hearted and can even be harmful to you health.

One of the latest ones that is considered to be most bizarre is nasal hair extensions. Not only are they unsightly but you also have to wonder how anyone can even breathe through them. If anything, one reason that people trim their nasal hair is to able to breathe better. Nevertheless, it has become a thing. It origin was meant to be a joke. Instagram influencer @gret_chen_chen posted a picture of herself with with fake eyelashes glued into her nostrils. There was an immediate following of others showing off their version of what they thought was a new beauty trend. Currently, the Instagram #nosehairextensions has over 500 posts. Also, Youtuber, Taylor R. has had over 150,000 views for his video of a hair extension tutorial. There has been some prediction that it might meet the same fate as the current trend from thin to bushy eyebrows.

Seriously, though, doctors at the Cleveland Clinic have issued a warning about the trend. They have also warned that the real purpose of nasal hair is to trap dirt and other particles to prevent them from getting into the lungs. Gluing fake lashes to them can pull them out. As a result, they are advising those who really want to try it to so with a lot of caution. Yes, there are some trends that may be healthy enough to be worth trying. However, others are better left to be sizzled out by letting the few brave people try it. Not that there is ever any real telling as to whether fashion trends will sizzle out or evolve. Many of the whacky and trashy-looking hairstyles of the 1980’s were long out by the time 1990 came along. However, some tidbits the punk clownish look could still be seen by the early 2000’s in some teenagers. Overall, the 1990’s and early 2000’s. However, the most daring anyone got with hair back then was setting a world record for being able to lift up a small child tied into a long beard alone. The guy looked very triumphant but, like with the nostril extensions, you had to wonder if it caused him any pain.