A child who suffers from asthma attacks usually has medication to help them breath when the attacks occur. It is terrifying for any adult or child to suddenly have trouble breathing in any circumstance. Asthma is a respiratory condition. It causes difficulty in natural breathing when an attack comes on. This medical condition is treatable and the breathing difficulty can be eased with the use of an inhaler. It is common for doctors to prescribe an inhaler to restore the breathing back to normal while minimizing the issue. A doctor will tell their patients, with asthma, to always have their inhaler on their body in order to restore their breathing. It ought to be noted that an inhaler is a small hand-held item. It is filled with needed medication for survival. It will deliver a small amount of medicine. This is done through the mouth and it will go directly to the lung of a person who is gasping for air. This prescribed medication benefits those who may have difficult episodes of breathing due to a medical issue.

Ryan Gibbons: Passes Away at School

Ryan Gibbons had a severe asthma attack at his school. This happened during recess. Unfortunately he did not survive. He died on October 9 in the year 2012 at Elgin County School. This is in Straffordville, Ontario, Canada. His death could have been prevented. The school took his asthma inhaler away from him and had it locked up in the office of the principal. Ryan could have reached in his pocket and saved his own life if the school officials had not confiscated his inhaler. He was accustomed to having his inhaler in his pocket on a daily basis because it was needed. Ryan had been gasping for air during recess. His friend was able to carry him to the office of the principal as he was gasping for air. Ryan died in the arms of his friend before they could reach the office and obtain his life-saving medicine.

Sarah Gibbens: Ryan’s Mom

Sarah Gibbons, Ryan’s mom, has taken action to prevent this from happening to any other child in the care of a school. She is leading a campaign to get lawmakers to take the death of her son seriously and enforce new laws that allow children to maintain their own health as directed by their physicians. Sarah Gibbons wants the school to change their policy and allow kids to keep their needed items with them at all times. This includes asthma inhalers for children with asthma. Her campaign is requesting that lawmakers pass a bill and call it “Ryan’s Law.” A change in the policy would prevent a child from death due to taking their needed medicine away from them. If the school hadn’t locked his inhaler in the principal’s office, Ryan would still be alive and his death would have been prevented with the use of his inhaler. A bill in needed to be put in place that will deny school staff the right to confiscate a child’s needed medicine.