Forrest Gump was one of the most iconic films of the 1990s and was nominated for several Academy Awards, thus allowing Tom Hanks to start his familiar form of biographical acting. The film has several memorable characters from Forests mother, Bubba and the most famous supporting character, Lieutenant Dan. For those not familiar with the film, Lieutenant Dan was Forrest’s commanding officer in Vietnam and during an attack, Lieutenant Dan loses both of his lower legs. After losing his legs and being shipped home, Lieutenant Dan spirals out of control and straight into Alcoholism. Forrest does what he can to help Lieutenant Dan and even helps him turn his life around, giving him the ability to walk again with the use of titanium peg legs.

The actor who played Lieutenant Dan Gray Sinise has always had an affinity for helping those of the community who lost appendages during combat. We promise our men and women in uniform the earth when they enlist in the military, but as we all know this does not always come to fruition. In a bid to help veterans, Gary Sinise is dedicated to helping America’s military when they have been hurt or injured when defending the United States.

Gary set up his own Foundation known as the Gary Sinise Foundation. The charity helps benefit veterans in need, especially when the government will not help them with basic things such as ramps to get into their home or modifications to make it easier for them to maintain their dignity and autonomy. One such veteran, Jonathan Blank served in Afghanistan and unfortunately lost both of his legs during combat. Bank, 32, has medical bills piling up because of his injuries and is now facing insurmountable debt, a debt he never should have owed. 

Gary and his team stepped up to help the young veteran where the government would not and offer to build him a home that was adapted to his injuries and his new way of life. The gift and the generosity he felt from Gary and his charity overwhelmed Blank. Despite his injuries blank has a positive outlook on life and admits while the world is not made for the disabled, he is not letting that get him down and is trying to move on with his life and rebuild it as best he can.

With the help of Gary many veterans have been given the gift of adequate accommodation and the charity has built around 60 homes for injured veterans since its Inception. Gary is committed to his charity work and sees all homes through the building process from the ground up. Gary is truly a wonderful figure but charities such as his should be sharing such bills with the government not replacing the benefits that were promised to the men and women in uniform who fought for us with their lives. Anyone who wishes to donate to the charity can do so at their official website GarySiniseFoundation.Org no donation is too big or too small.