On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was seen at Mass in Washington, D.C., where she received Holy Communion.

Pelosi attended the 9 a.m. Mass at Holy Trinity in Georgetown neighborhood. As a result of her pro-abortion position, San Francisco’s Archbishop instructed her not to take part in the sacrament as a citizen publican.

The Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Washington, Cardinal Wilton Gregory, has not issued a statement about whether the Speaker may receive Holy Communion.

Gregory has previously stated that he will not discuss whether Catholic politicians are permitted to receive the Eucharist owing to their political beliefs.

Last year, when it was suggested that President Biden be denied communion due to his position on abortion, the parish council of Holy Trinity made a statement in which it said it “will not deny the Eucharist to persons presenting themselves to receive it.”

“Communion should be viewed ‘not as a prize for the perfect, but as a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak,” the council argued. The great gift of the Holy Eucharist is too sacred to be made a political issue,’ he added.

However, the bishop of Santa Rosa, Robert Vasa, informed the Pillar Catholic that when Pelosi visits her vacation house in Napa Valley, she will be forbidden from entering any church.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco stated on Friday that the California Democrat’s views on abortion are becoming ‘more extreme,’ and that his ‘conscience’ compelled him to act against her within the church.

He denied that his move was motivated by the recent leaked Supreme Court case in Dobbs v. Jackson, which stated that a majority of justices wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

On Saturday, the San Francisco Examiner’s Editorial Board called for him to step down in an op-ed piece, arguing that he was “acting in open defiance” of Pope Francis by pushing for a new karyotype.

“The leaked decision and the Dobbs case really have nothing to do with the timing of it,” Cordileone told America Magazine. “I believe she did meet with me and speak with me a few times,” he added, referring to Pelosi.

“But more recently, her advocacy for codifying the Roe decision into federal law—it’s becoming more and more extreme and more and more aggressive.”

Archbishop Cordileone claimed that he tried to contact Pelosi about the issue but was unable to do so.

‘I’ve been trying to speak with her about this. I’ve been debating this within my own conscience for many years, actually. So this is not something that has just come up recently,’ he stated.

‘I’ve done a lot of prayer and fasting. So I’ve been struggling with this for a long time.’

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone stated that Pelosi will not be received into communion in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, and will not be permitted to receive the Eucharist until she abandons her pro-abortion position.

Cordileone previously dived into political issues as part of a campaign to prevent President Joe Biden from receiving Communion, which had incurred the disapproval of Pope Francis.