Even though the Cold War seems like it happened a lifetime ago, there are still people collecting and selling memorabilia from that time period. An old Cold War bunker, built in Germany is now up for sale on an auction website. The listing price for the property is just under $1.65 million.

The bunker was constructed to withstand a nuclear attack during the Cold War. It has walls ten feet thick so that they could keep out radiation from an atomic bomb. If you’re looking for a sturdy, well-protected home and have $1.65 million to spare, this German bomb shelter might be perfect for you. With 9,150 square feet of open space within its walls, there’s plenty of room to move around freely in safety.

The beautiful piece of real estate is situated in the German town Xanten, which is located in the western German state North Rhine-Westphalia.

The bomb shelter in Germany was first discovered by the public, but now people from all over the world are interested in it as it is up for auction. The eBay classified ad says the bomb shelter is located “in the middle of beautiful Xanten is a highly secure haven for you, which will withstand the challenges of protecting a family under the most extreme conditions.”

It continues, “The huge bunker system extends underground for 850 square meters [9,150 square feet] and convinces with the protection of its three-meter-thick concrete walls. At the time, the bunker was used for various operations by the Bundeswehr [the German Armed Forces].”

The 8,000-meter plot of land on which the nuclear fallout shelter was erected is buildable, provided the appropriate permits are attained. According to Daily Mail, the features of the German bomb shelter include its own sanitation system, a generator, an electrical system, water and oil tanks, steel doors, and a warehouse.

The estate agents said that “The technical facilities and atmosphere of the bunker will take you straight back to an earlier time that few can speak of.”

The sellers also argued that a fallout shelter would provide additional security in the event of Russia or China attacking Germany.

The German Cold War-era bomb shelter isn’t only for wartime, it has other functions as well. The property would excel as a “paintball facility” or in other “commercial operations,” due to its size and construction.

Although the property is generally in good condition, it might need some touch-ups like a new coat of paint.

“A conversion and a change of use to create living space must be examined.”

The estate agents said: “The bunker is generally in good condition, but needs to be cleared out due to items left by previous tenants. Many of the systems would need to be overhauled and checked as the electrical connections were also severed. This facility is therefore considered to be in need of renovation. The documents include various circuit diagrams, cable harnesses, documentation, site plans, and cross-sections.”