A Beverly Hills surgeon and his girlfriend’s greed led to a multi-million dollar scheme that targeted drug addicts. Dr. Rosen and his girlfriend, Liza Vismanos, would often exploit vulnerable patients by convincing them they needed medical procedures – for a price – that in reality would do nothing to help prevent drug addiction relapse. The doctor and his girlfriend billed medical insurance companies approximately $600 million throughout their criminal scheme and took home a minimum of $50 million for themselves. They were arrested in 2020 for their fraudulent actions.

Dr. Rosen and his associate degraded addicts trying to get clean by paying them for Naltrexone implant surgeries and cortisone shots instead of real rehabilitation treatment. In reality, these treatments did nothing to help them from relapsing into a drug-fueled binge.

The couple has two kids and used the cash they got from different healthcare organizations to pay for their lavish way of life. They defrauded insurance companies out of at least $676 million by billing them for bogus treatments. They received at least $50 million from insurers for the fake treatments they provided to vulnerable people.

Dr. Rosen has been referred to as the “real life Frankenstein” by Orange County District Attorney Spitzer. Dr. Rosen was in the midst of renovating his Brentwood Hills home for $3.2 million when he was arrested, alongside his girlfriend. Both were put in Orange County jail.

The “real life Frankenstein’s” mansion contained six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool, and a wine cellar with views of downtown Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean, and the Santa Monica Mountains. The home was unfortunately purchased for an extortionate price of $8 million by the devious doctor.

In addition to funding their treatments, the doctor and his girlfriend used the fraudulent money they had acquired to also buy art, jewelry, and other luxury items.

Rosen faces a maximum sentence of ten years in prison for pleading guilty to filing fraudulent medical insurance claims, as reported by the OC Register. The accused surgeon was released from all other charges once he pleaded guilty to this specific one. His girlfriend, Vismanos, pleaded guilty to committing medical insurance fraud and was sentenced to a year of house arrest.

“This is the largest prison sentence for a provider in a California workers’ compensation insurance fraud,” Orange County District Attorney stated. “Dr. Rosen used vulnerable sober living patients who were desperately trying to battle their demons as an ATM machine to make a buck. He didn’t care about his patients; he only cared about making as much money as possible.”

Rosen’s scheme was incredibly large.

“A doctor can easily take advantage of the vulnerability of drug addicts by ignoring the fact that the patient requires comprehensive treatment (mental and physical) in order to get better,” court documents read. “Oftentimes, doctors will work hand in hand with owners of sober living homes, other drug addicts, and what will be referred to as ‘body brokers’ to increase their profit.”