The police in Baltimore County, Maryland, used their cruises to deliver a fatal blow against an armed carjacking suspect and two others. The cops had chased Taylor for 20 years because they believed he was involved in a carjacking incident. Taylor, on the other hand, was killed by cops with an on-duty cruiser less than one block from his house. Now, Dion Lamar Taylor’s mother is taking media attention to task after her son was allegedly carjacked by cops and killed.

In an emotional interview with 11 News, Teisha Cook, Taylor’s mother, recalled what went through her mind when she first learned that her beloved son had been killed by a Baltimore County police car less than a block from her house.

“The whole time, I’m trying to find my son, not knowing that he was underneath the car, and I’m running around looking for him, and I couldn’t find them, and I’m calling in, and I’m texting him, and there was no response. My son was running through the street up here, police came this way, and one came that way crashed into them and then ran him over.”

According to police, Taylor and two other suspects kidnapped a pizza delivery person in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Baltimore around 4 p.m. When cops located the car shortly afterward, they launched a chase through Liberty and Essex roads in Baltimore county. The chase came to an end when cops slammed the vehicle being driven by the suspects at Northern Parkway and Highgate Drive in Baltimore city.

A handgun was thrown out of the targeted automobile’s window, according to police in Baltimore County, and was later recovered. Two suspects emerged from a speeding car at Northern Parkway and Liberty Road. When the Baltimore County cops utilized their cruiser as a weapon, smashing into their speeding vehicle while another vehicle followed the fleeing suspects on foot, it marked the first time they’d used that method on patrol. Taylor was killed when he ran toward his house down Highgate Drive after being struck by the pursuing police cruiser.

Baltimore County police Cpl. Shawn Vinson said: “From what we can tell at this point, there’s nothing that shows that this officer intentionally struck the suspect.”

At this time, police are declining to provide further information since the case is still under investigation. Members of the public, on the other hand, desire additional information and a reason for why the cops had to use a squad car to run down and kill the suspect.

Taylor’s mother is seeking more information from the police.

“He was not a criminal. My son was a homebody,” she stated.

Police have arrested two of the three suspects in connection with the carjacking. Taron Kelly, who was sixteen years old, was one of them. He faced charges of armed carjacking, armed robbery, motor vehicle theft, possession of a handgun, and being a minor in possession of a gun. Despite his youth, Baltimore County prosecutors want to try him as an adult due to the nature of the allegations. He is in jail awaiting trial without bond. The third suspect has not yet been apprehended by authorities.

Meanwhile, the officer who drove over Taylor has been placed on administrative leave. The collision is being investigated to determine whether the officer acted lawfully or exceeded his bounds by mowing down the adolescent who was fleeing the car.