A mother killed and cooked her family’s pet rooster after it attacked her daughter’s face. Some people are upset about what she did, but the mother says she did it to protect her child. Do you think she was right to do so, or did she go too far? Parenthood comes with tough decisions – what’s your take on this?

Magan Schmidt, a mother, wrote a now-deleted Facebook post admitting that she killed the family’s pet rooster because it had attacked her child: “Well, it finally happened. Our mean ole backyard rooster, HeiHei, attacked the baby child! We were so lucky that he didn’t do any more damage than he did. Half an inch and she would have lost an eye! Nevertheless, he got what was coming to him! Mama doesn’t play when it comes to her babies. HeiHei nuggets for dinner!”

The angry mother used a chicken emoji to end her Facebook post which went viral. Additionally, she shared pictures of her kitchen where she was frying HeiHei nuggets in oil.

The photos of the daughter’s face indicate that she sustained severe injuries from the rooster’s attack. The Facebook post includes a picture of the little girl with cuts and bruises near her eye. The caption explains that if the rooster had attacked just a little bit closer, the girl may have suffered from blindness.

Facebook users were surprised to discover that a mom had killed the family’s pet rooster in response to it attacking her daughter. However, others were taken aback by a photo that appeared to show the little girl and the rooster previously getting along well. The image in question depicted the girl petting the rooster during a time when they seemed to have a good relationship.

“I know people eat chickens all the time, but killing it specifically because it attacked your child doesn’t sit right with me when children are known to antagonize animals,” one person wrote.

“Giant breaks into your house and starts messing up everything, and then you get put down and eaten for defending yourself. I’ve seen how kids treat animals, and there’s no way the rooster’s attack wasn’t justified,” another said

“Imagine punishing an animal for doing animal things,” said someone else.

The mother received more support for her revenge against the rooster that attacked.

“Revenge is a dish best served with honey mustard,” after the post went viral on both Twitter and Facebook, a user on social media wrote.

Do you think it was necessary for the mom to euthanize the family pet that attacked her baby daughter? Or were there alternative solutions to consider?