Despite parents being excited for their babies to reach developmental milestones, they can’t demand that a child grows faster than usual – it’s why one mom is facing the heat of accusations of abusing her eight-week-old baby after attempting potty training. It goes without saying that this milestone cannot be rushed; hence it’s important not only to recognize and appreciate each landmark moment with your little one but also to respect the natural process!

Despite backlash from internet trolls, steadfast mom Alexis Abdelaziz stands by her decision to potty train her 8-week-old daughter. Despite the controversy, she insists that it was a beneficial move for both mother and child.

Inspired by other parents on social media, California mom Alexis decided to start potty training her infant daughter Aya when she was only eight weeks old. Five months later and the child is now much better at going to the bathroom in a potty – something that will help avoid accidents and dirty diapers as they both navigate toddlerhood together.

Most children begin their potty training journey between eighteen and twenty-four months old, yet some take up to three years. Alexis wanted the best for her daughter and decided to jumpstart toilet training as soon as possible, starting when she was still an infant! With such dedication, there is no doubt that success will follow.

Alexis, a physical therapist assistant based in California and the proud mom of one daughter Aya, opened up to Newsweek about her successful journey with potty training. She expressed that she felt blessed for this experience as it simplified life for both herself and Aya significantly.

“I had seen parents try toilet training from a very young age, even before I was pregnant, and I always wanted to try it,” Alexis said. “When I got pregnant, I had totally forgotten about it, and then a couple of months after I had her, I randomly remembered it, and I started doing research, and everything aligned with the method – it just made sense.”

Potty training her baby has been particularly hard for Alexis yet she remains determined to see it through until Aya is able to utilize the bathroom on her own, like a mature person. She hasn’t lost hope or momentum and vows not to give up despite any setbacks that may occur along the way.

“Every day, she gets more consistent with it and understands it better,” the mom stated.

Alexis has a consistent routine with her daughter Aya when it comes to potty training. She brings Aya to the bathroom as soon as she wakes up, after each meal, and before leaving home or going to bed for the night. This timetable encourages successful toilet habits that will serve them well in the long run.

“Typically, I will ask her if she needs to go to the toilet and show her a card of a toilet, and then I will take her to the toilet,” Alexis stated.