He Signed A $365M Contract Right Before Taking The Knee For The National Anthem.

Last Thursday at the commencement of a significant season of Baseball league, a large number of Americans.

When the Major League Baseball season began last Thursday, millions of Americans stayed tuned to get this sense of happiness. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the model of the leading national pastime was greatly affected since it came to a dead-end to date.

Lovers had a strong desire to cheer up their best-loved participants in the playing field, taking part in what they value and do best. Contrary, Mookie Betts, a renowned American professional baseball right fielder star for Los Angeles Dodgers, participated in taking a knee to back up the protest opposing the brutality exercised by the police; as a result, a good number of fans become wild.

Sometimes back before the event, when he took a knee on the anthem, Mookie was in intense talks with management in Dodgers to discuss the terms of his contract. After successful negotiations, Mookie agreed to sign a good deal that went up to $365 million. It moved him into an ample lifestyle for the number of years to come.

Nevertheless, at Dodgers Stadium, on an opening day, it was proved that Betts away from the money, Betts had more in his mind. During the anthem as the rivals from San Francisco Giants gave the sign of respect, Betts also took a knee as well to portray his support towards Black Americans who are prone to high risk of losing their lives at the hands of authorities.
The signed new contract is of $365 million worth with over twelve years, making him be a famous professional MLB player with good pay to take a knee in America to oppose the brutality in the police force. Betts also gets excellent support from his fellow teammates Cody Bellinger and Max Muncy.

They hold his shoulders by placing their hands as a solidarity sign even though the players mentioned earlier do not take part in taking a knee during the game-opening along with Betts.
Betts also gains support from social media. He receives help from Alex Cora, who used to be his Boston Red Sox former manager through Twitter.

American racial discrimination is discouraged by the San Francisco Giants, who aired their views without shying away. Most of the players, including; Jaylin Davis, Antoan Richardson, Austin Slater, and Players Mike Yastrzemski together with their team manager Gabe Kapler all took part by kneeling during the game for exhibition before challenging the Oakland Athletics.

Colin Kaepernick is an NFL quarterback who took part in San Francisco 49ers, where he was the former player. Possibly the teams from San Francisco sports gree to the fact that there is excellent credit towards Kaepernick for creating a significant impact towards the protest.

As MLB manager, Kapler was the first to participate in the act of taking a knee at the anthem. He seconded the law by speaking to ESPN during the next game, where he pointed out the importance of standing against the act of injustice.
According to Kapler, there is a need to unify without taking sides. There is calmness when the manager is around the player, especially when they are the participants of anti racism protest. It is so encouraging to see the action taken in unison to bring change and to eliminate racial discrimination system. Everyone who took part did an excellent job.

A video was posted on the twitter portraying the baseball players holding a black ribbon two-hundred yard for the black community honor.