According to the Gallup poll conducted every year to elect the “most admired man in America”, Barack Obama who won the award continuously for twelve years lost the award to Donald Trump this year. The poll results resulted in a tweet by Trump that he was the real winner of the election held on the 3rd of November 2020. The results of this year’s Gallup poll for the “ most admired man in America” gave Trump 18 percent of the vote. Obama came a close second after winning 15 percent of the vote. The third most admired man in America was Joe Biden and he received six percent of the vote. Although Joe Biden won a decisive victory with more than a million votes over Trump, the poll held this year makes Trump the clear winner. Trump claims that this is proof that Biden won with fake votes. He insists after the poll victory that the election results were unfair and manipulated. Trump is triumphant after the Gallup poll results and wants the results of the presidential election declared invalid. Trump has also falsely claimed to have won the Nobel Peace Prize in a video to get voters to vote for him in the 2020 elections.

The results of the Gallup Poll for the ‘Most Admired Woman in America” went in favor of Michelle Obama. She got ten percent of the votes. The second place went to Kamala Harris and she got six percent of the votes and Melania Trump was placed third by the poll and won only four percent of the vote. There are many reasons for Donald Trump’s Gallup poll for the “ Most Admired Man in America” triumph over Obama. Republicans voted in large numbers for Trump. Democrats voted for many eminent personalities including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, the Pope and, the eminent immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Forty-eight percent of Republicans voted for Donald Trump. No republican vote went to any other eminent personality. Barack Obama received only thirty-two percent of votes from democrats. The USA is a nation with a population of 328 million people. 1,018 people voted in the Gallup poll that made Donald Trump the “ Most Admired Man in America”. Trump’s view that the poll result is more valuable than an election result makes no sense. A poll where a few people vote cannot be taken as a sign that an election where millions voted and removed Trump was fraudulent and the votes were fake. A thousand votes cannot represent the views of three hundred million Americans. Trump won 18 percent of the votes in the Gallup poll. His reaction to the poll was as if he had been the true winner of the 2020 presidential election. More than a thousand people found his reaction to the Gallup poll victory absurd and amusing.

Barack Obama won the largest number of votes in a Gallup poll for the “Most Admired Man in America” for twelve years. This year, Donald Trump got the largest percentage of votes in Gallup poll’s “ Most Admired Man in America” and staged a surprise victory over Obama. What was more surprising was that Trump viewed his triumph in a poll with a thousand voters as equal to a presidential election with millions of voters and tweeted that the poll shows that he was the real winner in the presidential election of 2020.