First ladies are members of the public who are held in high regard by society, and as such, it is expected that they reciprocate the same form of respect to those under their stewardship. Michelle Obama, the former first lady, is a woman who commands respect not because of her stature as a former first lady but due to the fact that she has steered off controversy. However, a concert that was held at Planet Hollywood Zappos Theater may change the way some people view the former first lady.

Michelle Obama has always admired and highly ranked Christina Aguilera, and her presence at her concert should not come as a surprise. As Christina Aguilera was busy with her vocals, her dancers played their part in entertaining the party-goers, including Michelle Obama, who was seated in the VIP section. In the middle of the concert, a shirtless male dancer decided it was high time for him to enjoy his 15 seconds of fame by twerking in front of the former first lady. The act may have been shocking to the public and a section of the attendees, but it did not seem to bother Michele, who, on the contrary, seemed to enjoy every minute of the performance. Through the encouragement and loud cheers, the dancer decided to take his performance a step further by climbing onto the wall that separated attendees from the performers. While on this wall, he continued to twerk, much to the amusement of the attendees. As a form of precaution and perhaps protocol, the male dancer who was only dressed in shorts did not get too close and personal to the first lady, and if he could have dared do that, there is a high probability that her security would step in and act accordingly. As a fact, there was a female security guard who stood next to the first lady as a form of caution and perhaps to get entertained as well.

At 56, Michelle Obama still has a lot ahead of her, and attending such concerts can be seen as a way of enjoying one’s free time. Additionally, as she is no longer the first lady, her public appearance may not be limited to official duties. Perhaps this may explain why she opted to attend a concert. Additionally, speculation is rife that the man may have been gestured towards the former first lady by none other than the former president and husband, Barack Obama. However, there is no substantive evidence to support this claim. Once the pomp, glamor, and dance were over, Michelle Obama could not help but giggle and, at the same time, maintain her composure in the midst of all the action. To her and many others, more so those present, could not believe the courage exhibited by the dancer. Additionally, his dancing may have been viewed as being uncalled for, considering that the first lady ought to be treated with dignity. Regardless of all of this, the last person who seemed bothered by the act was Michelle Obama.