Everyone knows that waitresses basically make all of their income off of tips. The typical tip percentage is around fifteen to twenty percent of the total bill. While many people following this rule for tipping, some people surprise you with what they leave. Recently, a Waffle House waitress name Lauren Ball was given a tremendous tip while working at a Waffle House in Kingsport, Tennessee. Most Waffle House restaurants are open twenty-four hours a day in Tennessee and many waitresses get stuck working overnight and are forced to spend time away from their family during these hours. It was around 4 am when Ms. Ball was working at the restaurant. She was about to go home for the night but was waiting on a few more customers. She had hope of making around sixty dollars for the night of work but was surprised to find what was left on her bill.

She had two men sitting at her table and as they were finishing up eating, she went outside the Waffle House to have a smoke break. The one-man followed her out and said that his friend was going to leave her a huge tip. She did not think anything of it and blew it off as a joke. People make jokes all the time about leaving a huge tip and many waitresses think that a huge tip is around the average of twenty percent. When she went inside the men were already gone but she was ecstatic to see what the man left as the tip. He left her a six hundred dollar tip on a bill that was less than twenty-five dollars. The waitress was in shock and immediately ran outside to give the man a hug. Her stomach dropped to the floor because she could not believe what this man had done for her. She never imagined that a stranger, who she had never meet before, could do this nice of a thing and actually give her the opportunity to change her life and her young son’s life. A hug was a great token of her appreciation and the man was happy to see that the woman appreciated the giant tip.

The man stated that he liked to do nice things for good people. Lauren Ball was a single mother of a young child who was working hard to provide her child with a better life. The man at the table realized that over the conversation he had with the woman. While they had never met before they did have a conversation that night while he and his friend ate their dinner. While it is difficult to say exactly what makes people do nice things for others, it is nice to see that these exchanges take place around the world. The man wanted to do something very nice for the woman that would allow her to change her life and he certainly did that. This tip was definitely a huge help. The woman says that she wishes to pay it forward and help out others when she has the chance. This is a wonderful example of the kindness that takes place all over the world. The ability for strangers to connect and help one another is an example of how we should all strive to live.