This month, Michelle Obama admitted to struggling with her marriage during the time raising their two daughters. She stated that she “couldn’t stand” former President Barack Obama for a whole decade!

In a discussion with Revolt TV, Michelle opened up about the struggles of parenting two pre-adolescents while her and her husband were both climbing their professional ladders – detailing how it had an adverse effect on their relationship.

“We don’t talk about how much work is required and how hard it is even when you are madly in love with the person, even when everything works out right,” she stated.

“People think I’m being catty by saying this: It’s like, there were 10 years where I couldn’t stand my husband. And guess when it happened? When those kids were little.”

Michelle adeptly managed the tightrope of being a parent to her daughters while simultaneously handling their own hectic lives.

“And for 10 years while we’re trying to build our careers and, you know, worrying about school and who’s doing what and what, I was like, ‘Ugh, this isn’t even,’ ” she said.

“And guess what? Marriage isn’t 50/50, ever, ever.”

“There are times I’m 70, he’s 30. There are times he’s 60, 40, but guess what: 10 years — we’ve been married 30. I would take 10 bad years over 30 — it’s just how you look at it. And people give up … ‘five years; I can’t take it.’ ”

When their father was elected the 44th President of the United States, Malia and Sasha Obama were 10 and 7 years old respectively.

“Little kids, they’re terrorists. They have demands. They don’t talk. They’re poor communicators. They cry all the time,” she stated.

“They’re irrational. They’re needy. And you love them. And so you can’t blame them, right? … So you turn that ire on each other.”

Despite the highs and lows of their relationship, the former first lady emphasized that it is crucial to understand “your person.” She still holds a deep respect and admiration for her spouse.

“Do you like him? I mean you could be mad at him, but do you still look at him and go, ‘I’m not happy with you, but I respect you,’ ” she said. “ ‘I don’t agree with you, but you’re still a kind, smart person.’ ”

Michelle has been vigorously touting her new book, “The Light We Carry,” which was released in November.

Just last month, she mentioned that the book prompted her to feel obligated to wear her hair straight.

Michelle expressed that Americans were struggling to accept her natural hair as they adjusted to having the nation’s first African American family residing in the White House.

“They tripped out when Barack wore a tan suit,” she added, remembering the stir his 2014 wardrobe caused when he chose to wear something unusual for a president.

The Obamas have amassed an impressive fortune through lucrative book contracts and speaking engagements estimated to be at least $70 million.

In 2017, the duo inked a consequential joint agreement for their memoirs worth roughly $65 million!

Furthermore, they secured a highly lucrative production agreement with Netflix worth an estimated $50 million.