Clearly, still touching the hearts of many Americans and numerous other countries the Obama family continues their devotion to, We the People! Loved by many and still considered, Their President, Barack and Michelle are a shinning example of true elegance and integrity. The couple admitted to being aware of the enormous respect the people have for them. Not only in America, but throughout the world.

Michelle went so far as to state when speaking at the Obama Foundation, that it even came with its own perks’, at times. Helping the people has long been the Obama’s family mission, so all the reciprocated love should come as no surprise. Neither should the fact that they are at it once again with their plans to bring a Presidential Library Center to Chicago’s Jackson Park.

Michelle would even call it a, transformational project for the community’. She believes that “there’s power in the selection of Jackson Park”. Also Stating that her and Barack always have a strategy, and nothing is ever done by incident. Michelle then goes on to explain how the library could have been built anywhere to further her point. “Because there are so many people who feel like he is their President”, Michelle stated at a recent summit about the Presidential Library Center.

The Jackson Park Chicago area where they plan on building the library, is a place the Obama family holds in high esteem. Chicago being where Barack and Michelle first met and would begin their journey into the worlds heart. The library is also said to be an economic engine for its host location. Making it easy to understand how this, on top of all the love and admiration, would make it an even bigger asset for its host location. Allowing the Obama family such a wide selection of options concerning where to build their library. Still, they are nothing but confident and proud in their Jackson Park decision.

“The world is messy, and full of ambiguities”. According to Barack Obama, even good people have flaws. Those were a few words spoken by Barack at a recent summit. Barack does not believe casting stones at people will ever get you far in life. Going as far as to advise people to get over the so called “woke” culture. Things like purity and never being compromised are nearly unfathomable. We all have our own flaws and instead of finding joy in the misery of others we should work towards prevention. Handling ours issues correctly without judgement.

These words and ideals symbolize the Obama family’s just beliefs. Giving us a better understanding of the peoples love and admiration for “Their President” Barack Obama. There is an old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This seems to be the global mind state when it comes to the former President of the United States and has been for a while now. A mind state that the Obama family is well aware of an would do anything in its power to accommodate by continuing to lend their helping hands.