In recent weeks, over the negotiations for the coronavirus relief bill going through Congress, there has been a breakdown of communication between the two parties. There is a new Republican congressman from Louisiana named Ralph Abraham who has introduced a bill to see if they can remove Nancy Pelosi from her seat as the speaker of the house. The most recent incident that has gained the attention of people all across the country is the impeachment trials involving Donald Trump and his collusion with Russia. He is accused of colluding with Russia to help gain an advantage in the previous election. There are many ways things could go, but because of how our current government is composed between the two parties, it is unlikely that Donald Trump will be removed from office. The Democrats control the house, so they can bring the articles of impeachment to the floor and get them passed in the house of representatives without any Republican congressman supporting them.

After this, the bill is sent to the Senate, where it will soon be sent. Once the Senate’s articles of impeachment are received, they hold a trial and determine the outcome of the articles of impeachment. They can choose to remove the sitting president from office and have the vice president take over in his place, or they can choose to dismiss the articles of impeachment. Because the Republican Party has the majority in the Senate, it is highly unlikely that they will vote to convict Donald Trump and remove him from office because he belongs to their party. As a response to all of this, Ralph Abraham is trying to slow everything down by removing Nancy Pelosi from power. Abraham is doing this to see if he can slow down the impeachment proceedings currently targeting trucks.

Trump will likely be impeached; however, it is unlikely that he will be removed from office. The Senate is responsible for removing a president from office after impeachment. The Republican Party currently controls our Senate, and today is unlikely to try and get rid of the president. Thus, this move by the congressman is a futile one meant only to show his loyalty for the Republican Party. He likely wants to boost his chances for the next election cycle. The actual piece of legislation to remove Nancy Pelosi from the government was a fairly straightforward piece of legislation. It was a one-sentence statement that said that the office currently held by Nancy Pelosi is declared to be vacant.

Ralph Abraham is only representing a small portion of people who live in Louisiana, but he has hopes of becoming the governor of the state in the next election. Right now, he is currently running against an incumbent GOP favorite. Normally the two are both at each other’s throats, but they believe that Nancy Pelosi is abusing her power to remove from so they are working together on this one. They believe that this entire impeachment proceeding is nothing but a politically motivated witchhunt. They believe that Nancy Pelosi has used her position as the speaker and the power she has for her party’s benefit.