Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, the daughter of the late legend, Michael Jackson is an actress, musician, and model. She is not known solely for her relationship with her father, but for an upcoming film that has become the topic of controversial debate. An independent film, Habit, has cast her in the role of Jesus Christ. The only catch is that she will be playing the role of a lesbian woman and engage in sexual acts with other women in the film. The controversy of this film has caused several Christian organizations to create and sign petitions asking for the halt of film production.

Devout Christians have called the film blasphemous due to its vulgar nature and unusual depiction of Jesus Christ. Paris Jackson is bisexual in real life and as such, she is completely comfortable playing her given role. E-Online has explained the basis of the film’s plot and has given the public a peek of what is to come. Habit will be about a party girl with a Jesus fetish. She becomes mixed up in a drug deal, and her only way to escape is by tricking everyone into believing that she is a nun. Jackson will be clothed in a traditional robe, have a nose piercing, and have tousled hair in the film. One of the organizations that have petitioned for the halt of this film’s production is a non-profit called Movieguide. The petition, called “Stop Hollywood’s Attack on Jesus,” claims that Hollywood is “back at it again” and attacking the religious and historical portrayal of Jesus. The petition calls for action from across the globe as they attempt to restore Christian values in the world of Hollywood.

Movieguide claims that the release of Habit would only confuse young Christian children and mislead devout believers from the biblical portrayal of Jesus Christ. The film currently lacks support from a distributor, and there is no set release date as of yet. To date, this petition has gained 100,000 signatures and Movieguide hopes to reach 150,000 to officially stop the movie release. Another petition was been created by the One Million Moms, an extension of the American Family Association. This petition does not reflect on the religious portrayal, but rather the gender-bending in the film. One Million Moms claims that the film mocks the religion of thousands of Christians across the globe and denigrates the image of Jesus Christ. The organization claims that the film will not have their support and that they will now view future films released by the director. This petition currently has 40,000 signatures and must reach 100,000 before it can have its intended effect. Individuals who rebuke the position presented by the petitions claim that Jesus Christ was a form of God and therefore, having Paris Jackson play a woman makes no difference. Regardless, this film is based on the imagination of the director and was not intended to insult the religion of Christianity nor cause a massive controversy. The director claims that the film was intended to be a sort of dark humor and drama film. There is no word on whether the release will be halted as of yet.