Who doesn’t remember when they were in school and had to get ready for a spelling test? Even though those days may be long gone since you had to push yourself into learning how to spell words correctly, you are in for a surprise because in a few minutes you will recap those old school days and puzzle over how to spell certain words. The majority of individuals, according to studies, are excellent spellers. This test, however, will be challenging for anybody, regardless of your age. The reason for this is that people frequently mix up the spelling of words they’ve learned. These people will struggle with the exam and won’t know how to spell the word correctly, especially if they can’t recall whether one letter comes before another, such as I before E or the other way around. Because English gives a lot of wiggle room, you will need to pay special attention to your spelling.

The quiz comprised of high school students who did poorly on the test, but what about adults can they perform better on the same test? The founder of the quiz stated a low average of individuals passes with about 10% of high school students successfully spelled the words correctly. Although you are likely to recognize these terms, it does not guarantee they are remembered.
Some words may be difficult because they have double letters. For example, you may ponder over whether a word has two Ms or just one. These little deceptions make it hard to come up with the correct word. Because plenty of the words involved are tricky, you will have to focus harder on understanding how to spell them. While you are checking out the quiz, if you successfully pass most of the spelling words, a message will say: Passed! Be aware though only 10% of high school students from America have passed. However, if you have an eye for picking out details and are a focused speller, you can use your skills to save the planet. Without people like you, Earth’s human inhabitants won’t survive.

Be aware if you are not in the ten percent that pass, you will fall into the larger category who also didn’t make it with this spelling test. You get a response that says fail. Don’t lose heart at the message, even though it may seem rude. The response is for your benefit, so you can increase the work needed to improve your spelling. Keep working at those books that help you become a better speller, and you will not only look smarter but write better. Further practice will only improve your skills at spelling, which will make you feel better knowing that you are correcting the problem and improving your skills in writing and spelling.