One of the best and most popular American women’s soccer players named Megan Rapinoe, has been accused of racism against the Asian community. Megan Rapinoe supposedly released an anti-Asian tweet. The tweet has caused her to be canceled according to this current cancel culture. With this cancel culture, a person’s personal opinion can be taken out of context and they can be labeled unfairly because their opinions or moral values differ from pop culture.

The general population and the Twitter community seem to have an issue with Megan Rapinoe’s social media post because she is the face of Victoria’s Secret. People feel that you don’t have a right to your personal opinions because you are the face of a significant brand or work in a certain industry. This makes you question if freedom of speech exists in America. The tweet that Megan Rapinoe is supposedly being canceled for was tweeted back in 2011 ten years ago. It seems illogical that people hold this against her ten years later, even though individuals grow personally, spiritually, and professionally every day. The Tweet is also unclear of her intentions and what she meant by the tweet. In the Tweet, she was referring to a fellow soccer player by the name of Kai. She said to her, “u look Asian with those closed eyes!”. How can people tell or imply that this tweet was racist or the intent of the Tweet was even racist?

Before judging or making assumptions, individuals and the media need to do more research to clearly define what people mean to make sure that an individual is not canceled unfairly. If Megan Rapinoe did send this tweet with malice and intent, she should be allowed to explain or apologize to Kia and the general public since the tweet was sent ten years ago.