Many Americans today are homeless. Angel was among those Americans. When she was 25 years old she ended up getting pregnant. Towards the end of her pregnancy, she began not being able to perform her job as well as before. This lead to her getting fired. After giving birth she had no money and had to move into a homeless shelter.

While living at the homeless shelter, Angel maintained a job at Modell’s Sporting Goods in New York City. Angel started training a new employee named Joey. Little did she know Joey was actually Mitchell Modell who is CEO of the company. Mitchell was playing a role on Undercover Boss to see how everything went down in the stores and to see if there were needs for improvement or changes. During training Mitchell and Angel exchanged stories, hers being more factual. His story was that he was fired from a pizza job, leading her to provide very supportive and comforting words. Angel told Mitchell exactly what was going on in her life, working and living in a homeless shelter with her 3 children.

Listening to Angel’s story brought tears to his eyes, thus leading him to do something completely unexpected. Mitchell revealed who he really was and then completely changed her life. He gave Angel a $14,000 annual raise and promoted her to assistant manager. Mitchell had Angel move out of the shelter immediately. She made such an impact on his heart, he made one of the greatest on her life.