Ever since 2016, there have been a million books about politics coming out in succession but one of the new ones sheds a bit more light on why Melania wanted to stay in New York after the inauguration. This newest book comes from Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan who alleges that she used the opportunity to renegotiate the prenup. The story she goes with is she wanted to stay in NY so as not to disrupt Barron’s school year but apparently, she did more than that.

The book says that while she was in New York, she was able to get assurances that her son would be treated just as well as his siblings when it comes to the matters of his estate & their inheritance. She also ensured that he would have the same financial opportunities as the rest & this all stems from the fact that she found about her husband’s affairs when they came to light during the campaign.

Of course, her stay in NY was not cheap as millions were then paid to fly her to & from DC as well as the thousands paid to the secret service who had to keep an eye on them while they were living in that Manhattan penthouse. In a recent statement, Stephanie Grisham tried to claim the book was a work of fiction & that none of it was true. But the fact remains none of the other administrations had to deal with anything like that at the time.