John Tiegen, better known as “Tig” through his foundation ” Beyond the Battlefield The Tiegen Foundation, has had enough of fame-seeking keyboard warriors using social media to defame veterans and spread untruths about events that happened in Benghazi and have taken action. Tiegen has filed suit against a man who, according to a press release from NVRDUL Management, “Is trying to seek fame using slander and defamation on social media.” Attorney for Tiegen, Bryce King, spoke about his client’s motivation in seeking legal recourse, stating ” This lawsuit is intended to send a strong message to those who post lies about individuals on social media, it has consequences. Not only is posting lies misleading and malicious, but in this case, it’s also incredibly disrespectful to the Veterans of our country who fought and died for our right to such freedoms. The CEO of NVRDUL Management, Carri Hyde, also had scathing words to say, stating “John Tiegen has sacrificed and served this country with honorable devotion, commitment and ongoing support of Veterans directly, and through his foundation. We must set a precedent that slander and unjust defamation of character cannot be allowed against him or the American principles that he represents. He should be applauded for what he and others like him have done and continue to do. Tig should not be falsely hunted and accused in social media for a fame-seekers agenda. This lawsuit is a public stand against these social media attacks. I truly feel honored to support him in this effort to uphold justice.”

John Tiegen explains his reasoning for filing the lawsuit by saying “While the prior Administration has continued to seemingly ignore, or sweep under the rug, the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, discussions have not taken into account the people who were physically there. People try to grasp their moment of fame by using social media to slander the men and women who were there, by spreading lies and innuendo about what events truly transpired and what is made up falsehoods” Tiegen speaks from a first-hand perspective on Benghazi, as he was there and witnessed friends die while vicariously protecting the compound and saving what lives could be saved through nightmarish fire-fights and horrendous loss of life. “With this lawsuit, I intend to make a stand for what is right and honorable. We have to have a zero-tolerance policy for those who act with malice about the truth” John stated as the reasoning behind his fight to uphold the integrity and truth of what really happened that day.

John Tiegen attained the rank of Sergeant in the U.S. Marines, He became a leader of his Infantry Squad, and was a special contractor for Blackwater Security completing over 40 missions as well as working as part of the CIA’s Global Response Staff training in advanced operational security and readiness actions (OPSEC). John’s story is available to watch in the 2016 film by Michael Bays called 13 Hours: The Soldiers of Benghazi.