When you catch sight of a man with a single painted fingernail, take note! He is likely participating in the #PolishedMan campaign that has swept across the globe to raise funds and awareness for stopping violence against women and children. The initiative has been lauded by celebrities as well as average citizens alike; we all have an opportunity to join forces and make this world a better place.

Make a difference today by painting your nails and using the hashtag #PolishedMan on social media! No contribution is too small to help end violence against women and children.

Aussie heartthrobs Chris Hemsworth and Michael Klim, as well as Hollywood favorite Zac Efron, have all shown their support for a good cause by donning painted nails. They come together to spread the message: “Nail it to end it.” Join them in bringing this meaningful mission to fruition!

You have the power to put an end to violence against women and children. All you need to do is paint your nails, snap a photo of them, then post it on social media with the designated hashtag. Your participation can make a tangible impact in people’s lives – let’s show our dedication by joining this initiative! Together we can raise awareness and create real change around us.

Let’s make a collective effort to end violence against women and children! The easiest way to become an advocate is by painting one nail on each hand. Show your support for this powerful message by using the hashtag #PolishedMan on social media – together, we can create real change. Let’s put our efforts into action and drive home the importance of stopping gender-based abuse once and for all: let’s truly “nail it” to bring about its ending!

According to YGAP, a polished man is someone who uses their power and influence to stand up for women’s and children’s rights by advocating against violence. By taking action, they help create positive change in the world.

“YGAP’s Polished Man campaign encourages everyone to take a stand and actively commit to helping end violence against women and children by painting one nail for the month of October. The funds we raise support trauma prevention and recovery programs in Australia and around the world that aim to stop violence before it can occur, as well as help survivors on their road to recovery. Sign up today, paint a nail, start a conversation and raise funds to help end violence against women and children.”

As the Polished Man campaign reaches its eighth year in December 2022, YGAP is proud to announce that more than $7.6 million has been raised since its inception! With continued support from campaigners and sponsors around the world, this movement continues to push forward with strength and success.

Their website read, “We have had over 100,000 people from more than 100 countries get behind this movement, funding both trauma prevention and trauma recovery services in Australia and around the world.”

The 2021 campaign report from YGAP revealed that their organization is “so proud to stand as a beneficiary partner of Polished Man in the effort to end violence against children. Our contribution is the prevention of violence through working to ensure economic security and stability for people around the world. YGAP supports small impact businesses here in Australia and overseas that are reducing economic and social inequality around the world.”

The next time you spy a man with one shining nail, remember he’s showing his support for an honorable cause.