A small boy was murdered and his body was stuffed into a “Welcome to Las Vegas” suitcase. For six months, authorities were unable to identify the child. The child’s remains were abandoned in rural Indiana far from the twinkling city of excess. However, after conducting an in-depth six-month investigation, the Indiana State Police have now identified the murdered boy as five-year-old Cairo Jordan. The primary suspect in the case is his 37-year-old mother Dejuane Ludie Anderson who is currently evading law enforcement in California.

Anderson is now suspected of being involved in Cairo’s death, and authorities want to apprehend her. Because she was last seen in California, it is presumed that Anderson still resides there–the most populous state in America.

Although he was found in small-town Indiana, Cairo is from Atlanta, Georgia.

The boy’s mother, Anderson (pictured above), is on the run from authorities. Forty-year-old Dawn Elaine Coleman has been apprehended by police. Both women are wanted for their heinous actions against the child after they posted social media messages declaring him a “demon.”

Anderson ran away with Vincent Jordan’s ex-boyfriend, seventeen-year-old Cairo in 2017 and has been on the run since. Although he recently posted a tribute to his beloved son on social media, Anderson is currently wanted by authorities.

Coleman was arrested in San Francisco on October 19, 2022, for her part in the death of Cairo. Although, law enforcement has not been able to locate or apprehend Cairo’s mother who was last seen in Echo Park, Los Angeles according to a report delivered by Indiana State Police this Wednesday.

The authorities are asking for the public’s help in apprehending Anderson. She is around five feet and five inches tall, with short dark brown hair according to her last known photo. However, it’s possible that she might be wearing a wig or hair extensions.

The remains of Cairo were found well hidden by a mushroom Hunter on April 16, 2022. The Las Vegas-themed suitcase was found 80 feet from Holder Road which is a dead-end street in Southern Indiana. After the police ran fingerprint analyses, Coleman and Anderson were identified as suspects in the case. Their fingerprints were found on the trash bag that contained the boy’s remains.

On the day that the suitcase was discovered, authorities found video footage of a 2019 Dodge Challenger registered to Anderson traveling south over a bridge from Indiana to Kentucky. Authorities believe that after depositing the remains of her murdered child, Anderson was fleeing in the car.

Both women have several posts on social media regarding their experiences in Cairo which are alarming.

Anderson said, “I had to raise my frequency, heal myself and past lives, heal my ancestors, heal s**t in the universe, heal Gaia to exorcism a very powerful demonic force from within my son.”

Coleman wrote, “You better check to see if the children that you think are children actually have souls or if they’re not malevolent beings with a soul.”