In a groundbreaking yet controversial development, an increasing number of individuals are opting for what can only be described as “grotesque” surgeries known as “Phalgina.” This unique surgical procedure is gaining attention for offering non-binary patients the opportunity to possess both male and female genitalia. The term “Phalgina” derives from the combination of “phallus” (representing the penis) and “vagina,” allowing patients to retain both sets of genitalia.

Traditionally, gender-affirming surgeries have been binary, offering individuals the option to alter or remove their original genitals to align with their gender identity. For example, trans women could undergo vaginoplasty, while trans men could opt for phalloplasty.

The Phalgina surgery challenges this binary framework by providing non-binary individuals with the option of having both a penis and a vagina. Referred to as “Penile Preservation Vaginoplasty” (PPV), the procedure has sparked controversy with critics labeling it as a “grotesque surgical experiment,” reminiscent of something from “Frankenstein’s lab.”

Advocates of the Phalgina surgery argue that it offers individuals with unique non-binary gender identities the opportunity to achieve the body they desire, potentially improving their mental well-being. However, this revolutionary surgery comes with a hefty price tag, typically costing upwards of £10,000.

The PPV procedure involves creating a vagina while preserving the penis, using tissue from the scrotum or perineum. The peritoneal tissue from the abdomen may also be utilized to line the neo-vagina, providing self-lubricating properties and a natural appearance.

On the other hand, the Vaginal Preserving Phalloplasty (VPP) allows trans men to retain their vagina while gaining a penis. This surgery involves using tissue from other parts of the body, like the arm or thigh, to create the penis, while keeping the original genitals intact.

Options such as urethral modification, artificial scrotum creation for aesthetics, and penis size customization are available for individuals opting for VPP. The functionality and aesthetics of the new penis can be customized to suit individual preferences, with some choosing functionality while others prioritize aesthetics.

The emergence of Phalgina surgery has sparked renewed debates surrounding gender-affirming surgeries. Advocates view it as a groundbreaking option for non-binary individuals to achieve the body they desire, while skeptics remain critical, branding it as a “grotesque” experiment. Despite differing opinions, this surgical option reflects the evolving medical landscape aiming to cater to the diverse needs of the LGBTQ+ community.