Truth be told, she can’t fool anyone with her telling lips.

A Bulgarian woman who has successfully attained the world’s biggest lips via unique methods says that she is now planning to do the same for her chin.

Andrea Ivanova, who has had nearly 32 different procedures costing her almost $9,000 to make her look like a living Bratz doll, says she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

On her Instagram, the 25-year-old said that she will celebrate getting jaw and chin filler for her birthday.

“It was my birthday last month and I celebrated with jaw filler,” she said. “While I’m doing this, of course, I will keep up with my lips.”

The woman with the long, plastic chin said that she now wants to have the title of “most elongated and pointed chin in the world.”

“I love my lips and I want that new record,” she stated.

Ivanova, who started her body modification journey in 2018, will have to get hyaluronic acid injections every two weeks. Each injection costs around $285.

Warning her of the impending health complications, her doctors have stated that continuing with the injections could be “fatal.” Beyond the grave side effects, Ms. Jenkins enlarged lips have made daily errands a struggle – eating in particular.

“My doctor said he thinks I’m overdoing it again with fillers in my chin,” stated Ivanova. “But he said this about my lips.”

“I’m determined to more, because I think I need to elongate and sharpen my chin,” she continued.

Ivanova reportedly had breast augmentation surgery, going from a 75C to a 75E bra size.

Since Ivanova changed her appearance, she has gained many new Instagram followers.

“Sexy,” one person said. “Lips look so poppin,” added another.