Rianna Conner Caprenter is a model and entrepreneur. During the past couple of years, she has been focusing on running her own apparel and clothing company. Along with working as an entrepreneur, she is also an active model who has been shown in a variety of top publications. Today, she also spends her time completing an online degree program as well. Before she began her career in modeling and entrepreneurship, Rianna served in the United States Marine Corps. With her military experience she was able to serve her country and become a veteran.

Shortly after completing high school, Rianna decided to serve in the military by joining the Marines. She wanted to prove to her peers that a small girl such as herself can complete the training and become a combat veteran. Rianna flew to Paris Island for basic training. According to her, the training was very difficult and grueling but she was able to finish it. After completing basic training in the Marines, Rianna went on to serve a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2012. Along with serving in Afghanistan, Rianna also spent some of her time in San Diego, California as well. Her military experience helped give her the self confidence that has helped her succeed today.

Prior to her career and military service, Rianna Conner Caprenter grew up in a small farm town in California. She was accustomed to living a simple lifestyle in her home environment. While she did live a peaceful existence growing up, she craved for adventure and unique life experiences. After serving in the military, Rianna has decided to live in Las Vegas. Today as a Las Vegas resident, Rianna spends her time modeling, running her business and spending time with her friends.

Over the past few years, Rianna has established herself as a top model. She spends a lot of her time posing for various publications. She has been featured in many notable magazines that include Maxim. Rianna was once featured in other magazines as a person of the Month. Along with posing in leading publications, Rianna does more modeling in her spare time for other media. With an established career in modeling, Rianna is working in a career that she truly enjoys.

Her experience in modeling has helped her develop an interest in fashion. Rianna has recently started up her own business. Today, she manages her own clothing company. Rianna has developed a unique set of apparel that she plans on marketing and selling to the masses. This apparel consists of patriotic and military themed clothing. While her company has just been founded, it is already in position to become a popular brand among many women.

As well as founding a business and modeling, Rianna is also working towards completing a higher education. She is attending an online university where she plans on earning a bachelor’s degree. With a higher education, she will have valid credentials to get into a new career and advance it as well. Her bachelor’s degree will be used to enhance her knowledge which will help her achieve her career goals.

While Rianna has been quite busy with her modeling career and running her own business, she has also devoted time to her social life. Today, she spends a lot of her free time with her friends in Las Vegas. She regularly participates in a variety of activities with them such as sailing, sunbathing and bonding. With a circle of friends, Rianna is able to have a balance in her professional and personal life.