Everyone is asking who is the Instagram model that is compelling all of us to max out our credit cards to update our summer bikini swimsuit collection in our closets? That is Zara Hedges. Zara Hedges is an astounding Instagram bikini super model making waves in America from the Australian blue beaches. The 5’1″ 107 pound 22 year old was born on August 20, 1997 from the land down under is currently residing in Gold Coast, Queensland. Hedges is a brand influencer promoting natural biomimetic peptide tanning melanboost tanning accelerator, formal shorts and fashionable jogging suits and brand name bikinis on the gram. Brightly colored bikinis and uplifting positive daily inspirational quotes often about the sunshine is her Instagram’s identity. Everyone would love going on a shopping spree with the convenience of having their phone in their hand when they see her alluring clothes and bikinis she is modeling and promoting on the gram. Anyone can see themselves wearing or their wives wearing the stylish colorful matching trendy short sets and bikinis she is selling on Instagram.

The Instagram supermodel wears swimwear that is hardly there on white sandy beaches of Australia. She is seen promoting her summery clothing line on the beach, in the gym, going to the gym, at the pool, shopping, drinking a smoothie and just everyday living. Well if we can learn anything about her through her Instagram it looks like she is a vegetarian if not a full out vegan. There are two photos showing a fruit plate with coconut and strawberries and one of them with chocolate bars.

Marketing influencer Zara Hedges is signed with The Social Agency. The Agency helps marketing influencers, clients and brands create a social media marketing presence. The experts predict more businesses will start using social media marketing influencers like Zara as more and more retailers keeps closing their doors.

The Corona Virus did give a big push in that direction but I think the sales and revenue that social media models are bringing these businesses are main determining factor. One social media model with thousands of worldwide followers is the absolute quickest way to advertise their product to their target audience that far exceeds the number of people who enter into the store and buy. The overhead costs of using marketing influencers are much lower than keeping the retail chains opened.

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Super social media model Zara Hedges has 156 thousand followers on Instagram that she brings classy elegant chic styles to. Her super optimistic quotes encouraging self confidence remind her followers to keep an encouraging mindset everyday and throughout the day.

One of her quotes in her stories says “Confidence is not walking into the room and thinking you are better than everybody else. Confidence is walking into the room and not having to compare yourself to anyone at all.” In the very rare information I could find about her I did see one comment saying how Zara has a very nice personality. Her nice personality shines through out to her audience on her Instagram by her pictures.

There is very little writing about her. She tells her story about herself through her pictures. Some of her other mindsetting notes she reminds her followers are about always looking forward; “Count blessings not problems” “Focus on what you are building and not what you are leaving behind.” This quote by Zara certainly applies to her clients who are being forced to switch to the future’s way of doing business.