On Monday, the Cardinals announced that Conrad Dobler – a legendary guard known as one of the NFL’s most notorious players during his time – had passed away at the age of 72.

The cause of death remains undisclosed.

For 10 years, Dobler defended his teammates ferociously as a part of the renowned “Cardiac Cardinals” offensive line. Seemingly unstoppable in 1975 with eight sacks allowed – an NFL record at the time – he took it upon himself to ensure that QB Jim Hart stayed safe no matter what. Joining forces with Dan Dierdorf and other Hall-of-Famers, their combination proved one of the best lines in history!

“I’ll do anything I can get away with to protect my quarterback,” Back in 1977, Dobler opened up to Sports Illustrated about using a variety of illicit maneuvers such as clasping, eye-jabbing, leg-knocking, and gnawing.

In 1972, Dobler was selected in the fifth round out of Wyoming as an underdog at only 6’3″ and 254 lbs., but he quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with! By 1975-77 he had already made three consecutive Pro Bowls while playing for St. Louis before going on to spend his last two seasons with the Saints and Bills respectively.

He wholeheartedly took on the role of a villain in 1987 when he was featured in Miller Lite’s commercial, announcing himself as “Famous Troublemaker” while amusingly stirring up viewers discussing the beer’s famed slogan: “Tastes great/Less filling”.

“Our hearts go out to the family, friends and former teammates of Conrad Dobler,” Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill stated. “He was the kind of tough, physical, and fierce player that you love to line up with as a teammate and hate to line up against as an opponent. On the field, Conrad was a big reason for the success of the Cardiac Cards of the 1970s. Away from it, he brought authentic joy and caring to everyone who had the privilege of being his friend and that is what I will remember most.”

After passing away in Pueblo, Colorado, Dobler’s legacy carries on through his six children and twelve grandchildren.