Marcel Goldman has started a lawsuit against Cheesecake Factory. The lawsuit states that the recommended tip printed on every bill is wrong. It is cheating its patrons out of money. Marcel noticed this when he went to a Cheesecake Factory in Valencia Ca. Marcel went to pay his bill of 38.50 when he noticed the suggested tip amount was over 40 percent.

The recommended tip was the amount that a total party should pay. It was not the individual amount. There was nothing on the bill to point out that the amount was for group tips. Marcel brought this to the attention of management, he stated: “It’s up to the customer to figure out the tip.” A spokesperson for the Cheesecake factory chain later clarified. ” gratuity amounts listed on our guest checks are suggestions only.

Guest are free to tip as they please.” The practice of putting the party amount as a suggested tip seems to happen at every Cheesecake Factory. One Yelp review commented,” Its a decision by our company executives to use this figure and we do so in our restaurants nationwide.”

The Cheesecake Factory is one of the largest chains of restaurants in the world. There are over 200 Cheesecake Factories worldwide. There is a Cheesecake Factory in almost every state in the United States. The Cheesecake Factory is famous for its cheesecakes and hamburgers. It has also has become famous for being the fictional workplace for a character in the show Big Bang Theory.

The average tip rating is 15 to 20 percent of the pre-tax bill. Some people might pay more if they had a great customer service experience. Waitresses do not expect people to tip that high. Most are happy with 15 percent. Tipping is an important practice because many waiters and waitresses make well below minimum wage.

They need to make up the rest of the money through tips. This system encourages the waitress to give the best customer experience. It can also lead to problems of cheap people refusing to give tips to the waitress since tipping is entirely voluntary. Some restaurants include the tip already in the bill, or like Cheesecake Factory have a suggestion printed on the bill.

Some people do not know what percentage they to tip. Tipping is also not practiced in every country. Someone that is not sure how to tip might follow the Cheesecake Factories tipping suggestions without question. The increase of paying with a card might also be part of the problem. People hand the card over and sign without looking at the bill. Next time you get a bill after dining in a restaurant, it might be helpful to do the math before paying.