Jimmy Kimmel, renowned for his two-decade stint as host of ABC’s late-night talk show, has recently sparked speculation about his future in the limelight. However, long before Kimmel delved into political commentary, he was making waves in the world of comedy. His early claim to fame was as one-half of the dynamic duo alongside Adam Carolla on “The Man Show,” a program tailored for the everyman.

Carolla, an unapologetic conservative, and Kimmel brought laughter to households with their irreverent humor, beer-soaked antics, and playful skits. Yet, in 2003, Kimmel transitioned to his own show on ABC, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, which quickly captivated audiences with its spontaneous charm.

Since then, Kimmel’s tenure has been marked by occasional controversies, with the show abandoning its live format in 2004 due to unforeseen outbursts from certain guests. Over the years, however, Kimmel’s narrative has shifted towards a more politically charged agenda, particularly around 2015, coinciding with the rise of former President Donald Trump.

In recent years, Kimmel’s monologues have often veered into polarizing territory, targeting conservatives, lambasting Trump, and advocating for controversial positions such as vaccine mandates. Now, at 56, Kimmel hints that his current contract may signal the end of an era.

In a recent interview, Kimmel shared, “I think this might be it for me. It’s bittersweet to contemplate leaving, but I’ve got a feeling this might just be the final curtain call.” With over two years remaining on his contract, Kimmel finds solace in the time ahead.

However, the prospect of navigating another term under a potential second Trump Administration seems daunting even for the seasoned host. Kimmel’s impending departure also casts uncertainty over his future as host of the Academy Awards, an event he has helmed multiple times.

Reflecting on his future endeavors, Kimmel expresses little interest in pursuing stand-up or film projects post-retirement. Instead, he muses about exploring his passions beyond the camera lens, from culinary pursuits to artistic endeavors like sculpting.

It’s a poignant reminder of the trajectory Kimmel’s career might have taken had it not been overshadowed by political theatrics. Once celebrated for his relatable humor and down-to-earth persona, Kimmel’s evolution into a mouthpiece for liberal agendas has alienated a portion of his fanbase.

While his legacy in entertainment remains, the future holds uncertainty as Kimmel contemplates bidding farewell to the late-night stage.