The resolute town council of Monument, nestled between Colorado Springs and the troubled streets of Denver, has made a decisive move, unanimously rebuffing the notion of embracing sanctuary city status. This bold stance comes hot on the heels of Denver’s well-documented immigration woes, a cautionary tale that Monument is keen to avoid.

In a spirited appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” Mayor Mitch LaKind eloquently outlined the town’s unwavering commitment to uphold its non-sanctuary city designation. He underscored Monument’s principled stance against shouldering the consequences of Denver’s failed immigration policies, adamantly declaring, “We will not be the dumping ground for Denver’s migrant overflow.”

Mayor LaKind further elucidated on the stark financial disparities between the two municipalities, emphasizing Monument’s prudent fiscal management. “We cannot allow our taxpayers to bear the burden of Denver’s missteps,” he asserted firmly.

Not stopping there, Mayor LaKind assured swift and decisive action should Denver attempt to offload its immigration challenges onto Monument’s doorstep. With unwavering resolve, he proclaimed, “Our law enforcement will collaborate closely with federal agencies to intercept and appropriately address any unlawful attempts to transport migrants into our community.”

In a pointed commentary on national leadership, Mayor LaKind lamented President Biden’s failure to leverage his executive powers to mitigate the ongoing immigration crisis. “The president possesses the authority to address this issue decisively, yet regrettably, he has chosen not to act,” Mayor LaKind remarked, reflecting the town’s frustration with federal inaction.

Meanwhile, Mayor Johnston of Denver finds himself grappling with the fallout of his city’s progressive policies. Acknowledging Denver’s precarious position, he appealed for federal assistance and emphasized the urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform. However, his pleas for aid belie the consequences of Denver’s own policy failures, a fact that many conservatives are quick to highlight.

As Monument stands firm in its rejection of sanctuary city status, it serves as a beacon of prudence and responsibility in an era marked by political posturing and misplaced priorities. In the face of adversity, Monument remains steadfast, a testament to the enduring values of fiscal accountability and lawfulness.