When her husband called home with an unusual request for her, a woman knew there was something fishy about it.

Her husband told her that his boss had invited him on a weekend fishing trip to Canada. Going on the trip, her husband explained, would be good for his career.

This sounded just fine to his wife until he asked her to pack his suitcase and fishing gear up for him. He specifically requested that she include his new silk pajamas.

She immediately suspected there was something else going on, so she chose to set some bait to see if she was right. Upon his return from the fishing trip, the wife asked her husband how the fishing was.

He went on rhapsodically about all the different fish they had caught.

They feasted every night on the walleye and pike they had reeled in. The wife just nodded and smiled.

A bit later on, the husband told his wife that she had forgotten to pack the silk pajamas he had specifically requested she include.

With that comment, the wife revealed that she was the master fisher in the family. She swiftly proceeded to reel him in with the bait she had cast before his trip.

She just calmly replied, “Yes, I did, dear. I packed them in your tackle box.”