Everyone who has been through a divorce knows how rough it can be but now it seems Kelly Clarkson is finding that out the hard way. The 39-year-old singer & TV host just found out that her soon-to-be ex-father-in-law, Narvel Blackstock has filed a lawsuit against her claiming she failed to pay the commissions to his business. Reports say that she has yet to pay the full commission for 2021 for her hosting gig on the voice as well as her titular talk show. She does not seem to have had any form of a written contract with the company but they are claiming that she violated an oral agreement they had. She had since responded by denying the allegations and she is determined to keep her kids out of this messy debacle. Her soon-to-be ex-husband, Brandon, has not yet spoken out about what he thinks of all of this but one can not help but imagine he is none too pleased with his father right now.

She was married to Brandon for more than 7 years & they sired two children together during this time. This includes a daughter called river rose and a son named Remington alexander. Of course, this is definitely not helping matters with her. She was already going through a tough situation between the divorce and trying to raise two kids but now she has to deal with this as well. Narvel is the owner of the star-struck management group and this is the company that has represented her for more than 13 years at this point. The deal they made was that he would receive a 15% commission on everything that she earns but has yet to be paid for this in full. Sources have revealed while she has paid them more than $1.9 million this year alone, she still owes just over $1.4 million. Many people believe this to be an attack on her character but she is not letting it get to her. Instead, she is doing her best to keep her head above water as she fights back against these allegations.

She recently posted a picture of her son on IG and it shows him playing with one of his toys. The caption reads my little engineer with a hashtag that contained his name. It has since received more than 1,400 comments and over 120,000 likes from people who know her and the family. At this point, is it not clear which side Brandon will take in this lawsuit but it seems only time will tell as the legal battles rage on. If neither side is able to come to an agreement, it will eventually go to trial but she is confident they will be able to settle it out of court. Whether that becomes that case, only time will tell. In any case, she tells reporters that she is prepared to fight it out to the bitter end even if it means having to defend herself pro se in a court of law. At this point, there is no telling what will happen next but hopefully, they will be able to come to some sort of agreement that proves to be good for both of the parties involved in this.