When a person thinks of the Olympics, they probably imagine gold medals, talented young people, and admirable coaches. Although this information is often true, there are those who choose to exploit the children they’re supposed to protect. Consider the story of a young woman named Maddie, a two-time Olympic silver medalist, who says she was harassed by perverts.

Although Ms. Groves may be a highly talented Olympic athlete, she made the decision to drop out. Besides this, for the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, she worked hard to be ready to compete. During the recent Australian trials, she claimed that “misogynistic perverts” have been harassing her in the swimming field. This convinced her to quit the Olympics. Maddie didn’t say who the perverts who harassed her were, but she does say she’d rather have peace of mind than be stuck tolerating their inappropriate behavior at the pool. This means she won’t be participating in the summer Tokyo event. Not only is she a world-class swimmer, but she’s earned two Olympic silver medals. In particular, she communicated to fans on Instagram her thoughts on not competing and they were extremely upset. Furthermore, Maddie says that she won’t be swimming as long as other adults allow perverts to continue in this way.

Since the decision was made to drop out, Maddie feels grateful for the support she’s received and relieved. After all, she has so much to look forward to in the future. For example, she has other racing competitions coming up. Plus, she can’t wait to watch other stars compete in the upcoming Olympic trials. She wishes everyone luck including her coach, her team, and other people who’ve helped out with her squad. While Maddie may be trying to move on from her negative experience, she hopes she’s taught perverts a lesson. She feels thoroughly disgusted with the Olympics because it rewards corrupt people who have power over vulnerable children. She also complains about how perverts can’t earn their annual bonus if they’re no longer being represented by young women and men. Maddie talks about being gaslighted, body-shamed, and exploited by those with power. Further, when kids who participate in the Olympics are being manipulated, exploited, and harassed by anyone, it’s only right that adults speak up to protect them from harm. Doing the right thing is critical to their health and well-being. Moreover, there are some serious problems going on at the Olympics right now, and one of them is child sexual abuse.

One of the worst things any grown man or woman can do is to take advantage of the children around them. In fact, there have been other instances of child sexual abuse of Olympic stars. While this problem with perverts at the Olympics doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, the more everyone knows about it, the safer children can be.