She might be the first female VP in the nation but that has not stopped people from looking into every single aspect of Harris’s personal life long before she ascended to her current role. So what was her life like before she got into the political sphere? Well, of course now she is happily married to Dough Emhoff but one of the users on the web has found that more than two decades ago, she was going out with a TV host known as Montel Williams. Photos have since surfaced of them going to some charity event so they could raise enough money to help find a cure for MS. They have not been able to ascertain how long the relationship went on for but reports indicate she began dating Doug 8 years ago so we do know it did not last for more than 12 years. Of course, this is not the first time she has had to deal with a lot of people digging into her dating life. Back in 2019, she was asked many questions about her time going out with him & it led to a lot of scrutinies.

Williams at one point was also asked about his brief fling with Harris & he was quick to point out that most people would not be asking this type of question if she were in fact a male candidate. He also spoke briefly about it in a tweet a few years back that said they were both single at the time so it was a perfectly valid relationship. As such, he does not see why they are all so quick to analyze it with a magnifying glass. Of course, this has since led to people questioning whether there is a double standard when it comes to female candidates as opposed to their male counterparts. Ever since their dating life has been analyzed further but he keeps insisting that this is not news & that they should look for their big scoop somewhere else. As it happens, she mentioned her dating life when she was writing her new book, the truths we hold. In the memoir, she happened to mention what it’s like dating as a single woman & politician in DC as she strived to find her other half.

She mentioned that it can be tough at times especially when you’re approaching 40 but she did not let this deter her. She was well aware of the fact that if she brought a man to an event, people would start to talk about them & speculate on what was going on between them. She said this is why she tries to keep her personal & professional life separate from each other as she knows that single women in politics do not get the same treatment as men do. Men can do pretty much anything they want but the women have to ensure that they try to keep their image squeaky clean. She has said she did not want to be in the spotlight until she had met the one. But in 2013, she was set up on a blind date with a lawyer named Doug and the rest, as they say, is history. They were married a year later & now have two kids to raise.