Nancy Pelosi tries to think about other people when she works on getting bills passed through Congress as she wants the American people to have the money that they need to survive. However, Pelosi recently approved a raise for the aides in Congress that caught everyone by surprise since the economy is trying to get back on track and since there are so many people in the country who are still trying to pay their bills. For those who work in Washington, D.C., the raise is beneficial because it will be easier for them to pay their bills. However, the raise could result in some of the aides making more than the people they assist in Congress. People who work in the House of Representatives usually average close to $175,000 a year. After the raise is factored in, some workers could make close to $200,000 a year.

The aides have typically made less money than the people they work for, which is how many people think that they should be treated. When they get the raise, the aides could be seen more as equals instead of just workers. It’s a factor that could result in some of the aides thinking that they deserve more benefits and that they should be treated just like members of Congress in other ways since they would be making almost the same amount of money. Pelosi feels that if more money is offered, then it could result in better employees in Washington. The raise also elevates the aides so that everyone is seen on an equal playing field regarding legal issues, such as insurance and benefits.

The idea for the raise wasn’t all Pelosi’s as Zoe Lofgren, a representative from California, offered the suggestion and helped to get the ball rolling. With the rise, the goal is to prevent aides from leaving their jobs and finding a career as a lobbyist or something else. Democrats have been talking about a raise for everyone across the board, but people were surprised when they learned that aides would be the ones getting the raise and not those in the House or Senate. Many people understand that those who work in the House don’t make as much as other members of Congress and that it can be difficult to make ends meet when living in the city is quite expensive. OVer 100 lawmakers, including AOC, signed a petition asking for an increase in the budget so that there would be a way for the staff members to make more money. When Pelosi received the letter, she decided that it was time to do something about the concerns that members had and started writing the details of the raise so that it would be passed through.