Police officers are there to protect their communities against crime and evildoers. They’re also there for aid in emergency medical situations and natural disasters. Police officers are often in dangerous situations and always need to be prepared. In the event of an emergency, people call the police, and oftentimes they can get hurt. Sometimes, however, they can be caught off guard like any of us. That’s what happened to one Dawson County, Georgia police sergeant. Amid the sergeant helping someone out, he was attacked.

Sgt. Randy Harkness decided to give a homeless man a ride to a gas station and even gave him a little money to help him out. When the officer was handing the man the money, the man became violent and started pummeling Sgt. Harkness in the face. Catching him off guard, he continued his attack. Luckily, a bystander with a license to carry a firearm saw the attack and came to the officer’s aid, firing at the man. The attacker started to run off but the woman fired another shot hitting him. At this point, other bystanders joined in and had restrained the homeless man.

The investigation is still ongoing, however, the woman was not charged as she was aiding a police officer whose life was in danger. Sheriff Jeff Johnson said, “I truly believe that she’s a hero,” in response to saving the sergeant’s life, “I believe that she potentially saved this officer’s life. We don’t know how far the suspect would have went with the assault.”