Elvis never stopped performing. Six weeks before his death he wowed a crowd with his final performance. No one knew it was his final performance as “The King” arguably put on one of the best shows of his entire career.

Performances during this tour often were canceled or even cut short during the show so many fans didn’t know what to expect from Elvis when they were in the audience. Despite these concerns, he pulled through for fans at this performance as his voice rose above any past issues and showed the world he was still the “King of Rock and Roll.”

In 1977 Elvis was in failing health, but decided to do a world tour. Elvis’ popularity was still soaring and people came in droves just to see him perform. He was only 42 years old, but prescription drug abuse and way of eating was slowly killing him. Many didn’t know at the time of the tour he had hypertension, bowel issues, an enlarged intestine and an enlarged heart.

His voice and his charm was still there for the crowds that came to hear the crooner. During this tour fans claimed Elvis was often hard to understand, and some of his shows had to be rescheduled because he could not get out of bed. Somehow he still kept most tour shows intact and pulled through with final performances that were arguably the best he ever sang.

Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’ manager, put together a camera crew to film this show during the tour for a special on television, “Elvis In Concert,” and for his live album. There were actually two concerts filmed for this special.

The first was shot in Omaha at the end of June. The next concert as shot in Rapid City, South Dakota. The tour ended with a final concert in Indianapolis June 26, 1977. The crowd was wowed by his performance of “Unchained Melody,” from the album with the same title.

Many claimed his voice was weak as he introduced the songs, but his voice didn’t falter when he sang. Charlie Hodge, Elvis’ guitarist held the microphone for him while he sang as he played the piano.

Elvis pushed on for five more shows of this tour. His last song sang to a crowd on the tour was “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” one of his biggest hits. Less than two months later Elvis Presley was gone forever.

Elvis was actually set to fly out to begin another tour on the evening of his death. People around the world sang his praises for the King, whose voice never disappeared. He was belting out tunes with all his heart and mind up until the very end.