Actor Jim Carrey, 60, expressed his disappointment on Twitter about Will Smith’s violent altercation with Chris Rock at the Academy Awards ceremony. However, with two videos recently surfacing that show Carrey “sexually assaulting” then-twenty-year-old Alicia Silverstone at 1997 awards show and later attempting to “forcibly” kiss Will Smith, the comedian should be devoting all of his time toward salvaging his reputation.

At the Oscars, Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock on stage because the comedian made a joke about Smith’s wife. Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, so Will Smith went up to the stage and promised never to make fun of Jada Pinkett Smith’s wife again after Rock mocked her bald head.

Smith was feted with the Academy Award for Best Actor barely minutes later, which resulted in a standing ovation from his fans at the ceremony. A few days after Smith’s reported demonstration of violence, Jim Carrey stated that he was ” sickened ” by the audience’s enthusiastic reaction and that they would applaud Smith following his display of aggression.

During the same press conference, Carrey said he was “probably retiring” from acting soon.

Jim Carrey was slammed by fans after he slapped Will Smith at the 2018 Academy Awards. He received a lot of critical comments from followers, who noted how he had committed a far greater offense many years ago during the 1997 MTV Movie Awards.

At one point during the outage, Carrey, then 35, goes on stage to accept a prize from Silverstone, the presenter. During his acceptance speech for the MTV award, Carrey attempts to force Silverstone’s head toward his and kiss her.

Later in the same program, Carrey was seen attempting to kiss Will Smith after Smith received an award for Best Kiss. While Smith, then 28, made his way up the steps to receive his award, Carrey stood up from the stands and attempted to block Smith’s path. He grabbed Smith by the neck and attempted to suck his face with his outstretched tongue. After pushing Carrey away, Smith walked toward the stage alone.

Carrey was labeled a “hypocrite” by his fans for attacking both Silverstone and Smith during the 1997 MTV Movie Award. Should an actor who is seen assaulting another person be involved in Will Smith’s 2022 drama with Chris Rock?

“It’s amazing that Jim Carrey sexually assaulted Alicia Silverstone by physically forcing her to kiss him on national TV when she was [20], and it had literally no impact on his career whatsoever,” one person said. “He’s such a complete piece of s*** on so many levels.”

“Jim Carrey tried to French kiss Will Smith at the MTV movie awards, and he kissed Alicia Silverstone without her consent at the same award show,” a person tweeted. “So he assaulted two people in one night, and nobody said a word. He should be minding his own business.”

What are your thoughts on Carrey’s conduct?