After his departure from Fox News, Chris Wallace has been on a mission to interview some of the most influential and high-profile Hollywood stars. Recently, he managed to score an appointment with the 85-year-old actress Jane Fonda as she was promoting her new comedy movie 80 For Brady. Viewers were taken aback watching their interaction during the interview because it seemed that Fonda was flirting with Wallace right in front of them!

Jane Fonda, who was given the moniker Hanoi Jane after she traveled to Vietnam during the Vietnam War in order to demonstrate against America’s engagement in the battle, had a flirtatious exchange with Chris Wallace at 75 years old when she discussed how uncomfortable she can feel while attending parties.

“I hate parties. I hate cocktail parties. I always end up finding one person that is interesting and sitting in a corner all night. Do you do that?” she said.

“I know what you’re saying,” Wallace said.

Surprisingly, Fonda divulged that she is actually quite shy – a side to her personality that not many are aware of.

“Because I’m shy, basically. Which, you know, just small talk. I don’t. I can’t do it. Isn’t that boring? Are you married?” Fonda added.

“Yes. Are you interested?” inquired Wallace.

“No, I just thought I should invite you to parties so that the two of us can just go into a corner,” Fonda stated.

Wallace replied, “I would love that.”

Fonda and Wallace have experienced a series of unsuccessful relationships. From 1965 to 1973, she was married to French filmmaker Roger Vadim; afterward, she fell in love with political activist Tom Hayden – whom she stayed in wedlock with from 1973 to 1990. Shortly after the divorce followed her third union: ten years (1991-2001) spent in marriage with CNN founder Ted Turner.

Wallace has been married twice, with the first relationship ending in divorce. However, his second marriage to Lorraine Smothers since 1997 continues on today and appears to be thriving.

During her interview with Wallace, Fonda demonstrated a level of enthusiasm and confidence that was immediately visible. Not only did she show off her flirty side towards the former Fox News presenter, but also revealed how unafraid she is of death – in fact, to her it looks like an exciting adventure for which she’s eagerly awaiting. As reported by The Independent, this entire display made quite an impression on viewers!

“I kind of, you know… I don’t want to go – I still have a lot to do,” she stated. “What I’m really scared of is getting to the end of life with a lot of regrets when there’s no time to do anything about it.”

Despite having “very few regrets” regarding her life, Fonda does wish she could have a better relationship with her three children and had been a more supportive parent.

“I have great, great children, talented, smart – and I just didn’t know how to do it,” she shared.

What do you believe might have been the cause of Jane Fonda’s flirtatious behavior towards Chris Wallace?