Joe Rogan widely criticized President Biden, calling him mentally “gone” and lambasting his administration before the Democrat’s speculated re-election campaign in 2024.

Last Thursday, Joe Rogan and comedian Russell Brand discussed why the podcast host will not support Biden’s candidacy for a run in 2024—even though he’ll be just shy of 82 when voters take to the polls.

“I would vote for [former President Donald] Trump before I’d vote for Biden. Just ‘cause I think with Biden, like he’s gone,” Rogan stated. “Like, you know, he’s gone. You’re gonna be relying on his cabinet. And I knew his cabinet would be this f–king sideshow of diversity — which is exactly what it is.”

Rogan persisted with his tirade by mentioning Sam Brinton, a former Biden Department of Energy official accused of carrying out multiple felonies for purportedly taking bags from other travelers at airports on several occasions.

Until the Department of Energy concluded in December that Brinton had been fired, the nonbinary individual was a distinguished nuclear waste official at their agency.

“That one person who stole all the women’s clothes. That Sam Brinton — that’s a diversity hire,” Rogan stated.

“You just said, ‘Oh, look at this. A man who dresses like a woman and has a beard and a mustache, but also wears lipstick. This is perfect for us. I don’t give a f–k what this guy’s good at or bad at. I don’t give a f–k what their credentials are. This makes us look like we’re inclusive. This makes us look like we’re on the right side, so let’s hire this person,’” Rogan added.

“You can’t have those kind of people running a Ben & Jerry’s. You certainly can’t have those kind of people running the f–king most powerful government the world’s ever known. It’s nuts. It’s nonsense,” he continued.

Brand wholeheartedly agreed with Rogan’s opinion, asserting that Biden was the “perfect president for the time.”

“’Cause he’s like the perfect metaphor of what it is,” Brand stated. “This system is over. And for all of the talk of diversity, what have you got? You’ve got a career politician, white male that’s falling apart before your very eyes.”

Rogan has already indicated that he backs Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to be the next US president in 2024. He has been unsparingly critical of both Biden and Trump’s administrations, voicing his opinion on many occasions.

“Yeah, I think Ron DeSantis would work as a good president,” Rogan stated in June last year. “I mean, what he’s done for Florida has been admirable.”