A Short Tour of The Time Warp House That Hasn’t Changed Since Built in 1966

It’s being called the “Time Warp House” because it was built in 1966 and since then it hasn’t changed a bit. In fact, when given a tour of the inside of the house for the very first time by its owner, people were amazed to see that everything remained the same as when it was originally put in place over 40 years ago. No new flooring, tile, wallpaper, carpeting, or any contemporary renovations at all were made to the inside of the house making it look outdated, but vintage. You really have to see it to believe it! Maybe this is the reason why this old timer house was also named, “House of the Year”.

Here is a briefdescription of the what this old house looks like on the inside.

The Dining Room

Starting with the dining room area, it still has a somewhat appealing 1960’s retro look. What mostly gives off this vibe, in particular, is the curtains and chairs, you can tell they are from an older time era.

The Bathroom

The bathroom really gives off the vintage style feel, which is especially apparent in its color scheme. Moreover, you can see that the tile is a little bit wore out, which may be from the shower water, but it could use a bit of touching up. Thus, this is the only room that may require some minor work.

The Kitchen

I know many women would much rather order out than to cook in their own kitchen, but you wouldn’t mind cooking if you had a kitchen like this house has. It is so cute and it also gives off a certain 60’s style vibe. The under the sink cabinets are a bright red and match the pretty pattern of the flooring.

The Staircase

The staircase goes up to the second floor of the house and it really has that 1960’s tone with the vintage original carpeting that still remains there. It’s quite shocking that the very same carpeting that was installed way back in 1966, over 40 years ago, is still there and it still looks like it is in good condition.

The Balcony

The balcony is probably the only part of the house that was actually renovated as the owners transformed it into a conservatory, which was a great idea as it would make a great place to entertain guests.

The Outside of the House

Compared to the inside of the house which is basically outdated and has a vintage style look and feel to it, the outside looks much more modern and would also look very contemporary and stunning, if whoever buys the house were to repaint it in a beige tone.

For those house hunters who would much rather live in a past stylish, vintage environment, you may want to add this one to your watch list, it would really be a great buy.