There are many beautiful trees the world, but some stand head and shoulders (or leaves and branches) above the rest. You’ll be truly amazed when you see these gorgeous pieces of nature.

1. Canadian Rhododendron “Tree”: Talk about aging gracefully! This gorgeous rhododendron is more than 125 years old. Rhododendrons are so renowned for their beauty that Nepal has made them their official flower. The Nepalese even use this plant in their cuisine, where rhododendron leaves or often eaten dried, fresh, or pickled.

2. Japanese Wisteria: This 144-year-old, gigantic wisteria plant makes its home in a flower park in Japan. This wisteria measures 1,990 square meters, which doesn’t even make it the world’s largest (the biggest measures 4,000 square meters). Wisteria are pretty common, and have become popular for landscaping because they are hardy and grow very quickly.

3. Antarctic Wind-Swept Trees: In the southernmost part of New Zealand, in Slope Point, you can find these sideways-growing trees. They grow this way because, where they’re located, they are constantly assaulted by the intense winds of the southern Atlantic ocean.

4. Japanese Maple: Don’t let the name fool you, this Japanese Maple has set down its roots in Portland, Oregon. These trees were cultivated in Japan for hundreds of years, but in the 1800s, they began to make their way to other temperate areas, like the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

5. Antarctic Beech Tree Draped In Hanging Moss: While these beech trees are native to Argentina and Chile, this spectacular, moss-covered specimen makes its home in Australia.

6. Blooming Tunnel of Cherry Trees: This gorgeous tunnel of pink trees is located in Bonn, Germany. It is especially beautiful when it starts to bloom each year in April, as pictured here.

7. Johns Island’s Angel Oak: Not many trees have inspired the creation of a whole park. This Angel Oak has. Angel Oak Park is located in South Carolina, near the city of Charleston. Its age is estimated at over 400 years old. It stands 66.5 feet tall and measures 28 feet in circumference. It provides an amazing amount of shade, too–more than 17,000 square feet.

8. Flamboyant Tree: This strange tree is located in Brazil, although these trees are native to Madagascar. Flamboyant tree are also called ‘Royal Poinciana’ and the ‘Flame Tree.’ All these names seem pretty fitting for this gorgeous tree.

9. Yemeni Dragonblood Tree: Though their name sounds a little violent and scary, dragonblood trees are very helpful for humans. These trees are named after their crimson sap, that is often used as a dye or a varnish, and also for many folk medicines.

10. “The President”: Located in Sequoia National Park in California, “The President” is the either the world’s second or third largest sequoia (depending on judging criteria). It stands at a magnificent 241 feet and has a circumference of 93 feet at the base.

11. Tunnel of Maple Trees: This vivid red lane of maple trees is one of the prettiest areas of St. Louis, Oregon.

12. Rainbow Eucalyptus: Throughout Hawaii and the South Pacific, these trees are useful and beautiful. The pulp from rainbow eucalyptus trees makes beautiful, sought-after paper.

13. Jacaranda Tree: These fragrant, beautiful trees are native to South America and have long been used to make beautiful acoustic guitars.

14. Avenue of Oaks: This beautiful tree tunnel was planted in the 1790s at the Dixie Plantation in South Carolina.

15. Madagascar Baobabs: These trees get their unique shape due to the fact that baobabs store a glut of water in their trunks to utilize during intense drought seasons.

16. The Dark Hedges: This tunnel of trees is one of the most recognizable places in Northern Ireland. They were even featured in the HBO hit “Game of Thrones.”