As the 2024 election draws near, it’s becoming increasingly clear that former President Donald Trump has solidified his position as the Republican frontrunner. Despite relentless opposition from the left, Trump’s popularity and support, especially among minority voters, have surged—a worrisome development for Democrats.

While Joe Biden is the incumbent, his candidacy is facing a formidable challenge from third-party candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. Rumors are also swirling about Biden potentially being replaced on the 2024 Democrat ticket due to concerns about his age and declining mental state. However, the Democrats seem to lack a deep bench of potential replacements, leaving them in a precarious position.

Speculation abounds about potential Democratic contenders, including California Governor Gavin Newsom and Vice President Kamala Harris. Still, both are perceived as ineffective leaders, and unless someone like Michelle Obama enters the race, the Democratic party appears to be short on compelling alternatives.

This sets the stage for a potential showdown between Biden and Trump in 2024, and some Hollywood celebrities are already threatening to pack their bags and leave the country if Trump is reelected.

It’s worth noting that in 2016, numerous Hollywood liberals made similar vows to depart should Trump emerge victorious. Predictably, not a single one followed through on those promises. Yet, as we approach 2024, some of the usual suspects are once again brandishing their empty threats.

Recently, legendary actress Barbara Streisand reiterated her intent to leave the country if Trump secures a second term. In an interview promoting her extensive autobiography, Streisand stated, “I will move. I can’t live in this country if he becomes president.”

One might wonder why the star of “Yentl” would want to abandon America, especially when a Trump presidency could mean enhanced border security, reduced crime, lower energy prices, and less inflation—benefits that would directly impact everyday Americans, if not the affluent Hollywood elite.

When asked where she might relocate, Streisand casually mentioned England as a possible destination. Many Americans would likely respond with, “Good luck, England,” at the prospect of accommodating Barbara Streisand, but it’s highly unlikely that she or any of her fellow celebrities will actually follow through on their hollow promises.

In further displays of Trump derangement syndrome, Streisand expressed her admiration for Joe Biden, describing him as compassionate, smart, and a supporter of the “right things.” However, this sentiment appears to diverge sharply from the prevailing sentiment in polls and the state of the economy, which has seen its worst downturn in four decades. Streisand’s perspective seems to be at odds with the reality facing most Americans.

In her book, Streisand goes so far as to label Trump as “completely unfit” for the presidency while lauding Bill and Hillary Clinton as “the most appealing couple.” What becomes evident is that liberal Hollywood elites like Streisand are out of touch with the challenges that ordinary Americans confront daily.

As we approach the 2024 election, one can only hope that these left-leaning celebrities, who tantalized us with their departure promises in 2016, will actually make good on their word and become someone else’s problem come 2024.

In conclusion, it seems that the prospect of a Trump victory in 2024 has once again prompted Hollywood’s elite to threaten an exodus from the country. However, history has shown that these threats are more bark than bite, leaving us to wonder if they will ever follow through on their promises to leave the land they claim to despise.