A Grammy-nominated gospel sensation found herself at the center of a soaring controversy during a recent Delta flight when her heavenly voice met some turbulence in the form of a flight attendant’s insistence on silence. Detroit-born Bobbi Storm, 36, renowned for her vocals in the 2024 Grammy-nominated album, “The Maverick Way” by the esteemed Christian group Maverick City Music, decided to share her musical gift at 30,000 feet.

In a now-viral Instagram clip, the talented songstress could be seen confidently striding up the aisle, announcing to fellow passengers that she was “charting right now on the Billboards,” as a bemused flight attendant tried to rein in her impromptu performance.

Undeterred, Storm declared, “I just found out I’m up for two Grammys. My very first time, you guys.” The gospel virtuoso, deeply connected to her faith, continued, “I sing for the Lord, and my song is out on all platforms, called ‘We Can’t Forget Him.’ I wanna share this with you, guys,” she added, as a smattering of applause filled the cabin.

Despite Storm’s enthusiastic reception from some passengers, the flight attendant seemed unimpressed and politely requested her to keep the peace, saying, “Well, I’m not enjoying it. I’m asking you, can you please be quiet?” Frustrated, the flight attendant firmly expressed his desire for a harmonious journey, but Storm insisted, “Am I gonna go to jail if I don’t?”

In a moment of tension, she affirmed, “I’m doing what the Lord is telling me to do.” It was a clash of convictions at 30,000 feet, as the flight attendant, standing his ground, declared himself the “flight leader” and implored her to follow his instructions.

Storm, not one to back down easily, turned to her fellow passengers for support, asking, “What do you think?” However, her plea was met with silence, and the flight attendant delivered a stern ultimatum: “OK, if you’re not able to follow my instruction, you will not be taking this flight.”

Reluctantly, Storm conceded, saying, “If that’s the case, then that’s fine. If you’re the person in charge of it all, then that’s fine.” But as the employee walked away, she couldn’t resist a final hushed promise to her captive audience in the back, saying, “I’ll sing it on a low for y’all in the back, if that’s OK. The song is called ‘We Can’t Forget Him.'”

In a somewhat awkward twist, Storm began her subdued performance, with fellow passengers glancing away, seemingly unsure of how to react.

Later, in a separate video, Storm claimed that Delta had reached out to apologize for the incident. She maintained that no rules were broken and defended her actions, stating, “It was just me spreading my joy with people after they gave me the go to do so.”

However, not everyone was singing praises for Storm’s mid-air serenade. Many social media users expressed their disapproval, with some emphasizing the importance of following the flight crew’s instructions. One individual, a Christian and a flight attendant, criticized Storm, saying, “This is out of order… It would have been in order if you would have prepared the flight attendants (by asking if it was OK to sing or present or whatever) ahead of time.”

Another user believed Storm was “completely in the wrong” and even expressed a hope that she might end up on the dreaded no-fly list. A third chimed in, “This could be deemed annoying, people are tired, traveling, and don’t want to be bothered.”

The incident has left passengers divided, sparking a spirited debate about the boundaries of expression on commercial flights. The world waits to see if Delta will offer any official commentary on the matter, but one thing’s for sure: Bobbi Storm’s soaring spirit is not easily grounded, and her passion for music and faith remains as steadfast as ever.