Hailey Grice is an up and coming model and internet star that has a mind of her own. No one can get in her way of showing the world what she is made of. Her friends and family admire her fine qualities and work ethic. While building her legacy, she began her career in her hometown of North Carolina, as a professional cheerleader.

For all of six years, Hailey Grice was giving her all in competitive cheer events. However, her ambition and stardom did not allow her to stop there. She created a modeling passage that continues to allow her to walk through. The world has become very familiar with Hailey Grice. While topping an Instagram stream of more than 400,000 followers, she is gracing the world with her beauty.

After befriending, Dan Bilzerian, Hailey gained more internet fame and fans. She has partnered with big brands like Fashion Nova, Ivy, and OH POLLY. From lingerie to swimwear, she has protected her own brand name across the industry.

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As a 21 year old with ambition, Hailey has managed to travel most of the United States. Basking in the sun in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood, California is just something that the star likes to do. Visiting her favorite café keeps her smiling as well. Laguna Beach has sand and beautiful water which makes modeling a cinch. Hailey also frequents New Orleans and Miami Beach. These hot spots are her favorite local places for pools, work, and awesome night life. If being a behaved tourist is what she has to do, Hailey makes herself welcome in other countries, with an invite of course. In Mumbai, India Hailey had her hands full as she was working hard on her birthday. However, in Thailand, she was able to hang with friends, watch the scenery, and enjoy the built-in natural stone pools with poolside sushi. Advertising her fancy lingerie as a brand ambassador is what Hailey does best. Experiencing the Virgin Islands was not different for this diva. She was able to sow her celebrity oats once again while creating a new fan base.

Anyone who has never seen Tulum, Mexico would be of great envy. Hailey is no stranger to the spectacular features that embrace this charming community. It is no wonder that Hailey is one of the wealthiest Instagram celebrities in the United States and still rising to stardom. With her modeling career, Hailey is able to canvass fascinating cenotes for backgrounds or visual views. Common cenotes also known as very enormous underwater cave fixtures are incredible way beyond the human eye. Bringing the world inspiration, cheer, and great charisma are just a few of the many skills that Hailey Grice acquires.