Tara Lynn is the first Polynesian swimsuit model to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated featured the 36 year old rookie on their cover in 2018. The photo shoot took place in Kangaroo Island, Australia.

Getting The Sports Illustrated Cover

Being chosen by Swimsuit Illustrated was the last thing Tara Lynn expected. She attended the modeling audition fully expecting to be rejected. A Sports Illustrated representative called her when she was picking her two kids up from school. They told her she was going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She could not stop laughing. Her intentions of going to audition for the modeling gig were to bring herself out of her comfort zone to boost her confidence encouraging her to take more chances promoting her singing career. She assumed she would not be chosen primarily because she is a plus sized model. Plus size models do not sale bikinis according to her. Her cover shoot sold over 200 bikinis.

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She may think that she does not have the body type to be a swimsuit model. Sports Illustrated talent scouts disagreed. They saw potential in her and the ten years modeling experience she had. Bikini customers purchasing swimsuits from her ads is the last thing she expected. Success surprised her.

Her Self-Confidence Made Her Successful

Going to the modeling audition took courage: And going through with the cover photo shoot in a bikini took courage too. Doing the cover of the magazine took extra courage for her because she had not done anything like this before. The bikini model credits her mother for her strong self-confidence . She said her mother loved her unconditionally. Her mother’s unconditional love is what gives her the confidence to stand up for what she believes in today.

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The motto she lives by is every child has big dreams but believe their options are narrowed as they get older. She is very proud of being a role model proving there are no limits to what anyone can achieve. Mental toughness is the foundation that allowed her to push through boundaries she never thought possible. She took advantage of the opportunities as they came up.

She is a strong promoter encouraging people to believe in themselves. Tara Lynn discourages judgement on people because of their race, culture, gender and religious preferences. Life is to short to worry about recreating yourself for someone else to love you. If someone cannot accept you for who you are, let them go.

The Bikini Model Is An Activist and Supports Many Groups

She is an activists in many political special interests groups. Black Lives Matter, fighting for Human Rights in Iran and fighting hunger in Yemen are some of the groups she supports. She encourages donations and ask for petitions to be signed on her post on Instagram.

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Is it even a mirror shot if the mirror isn’t dirty ?

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The yellow string bikini she is rocking on the cover of Sports Illustrated is made by her. Trees will be planted with the sales of the bikini she models. She is a business partner with a farming association in Saraha Africa. The string bikini sales for 100.00 each. The top and bottom are sold together.

Tara Lynn is a first time 36 year old bikini model rookie on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She is very proud of being a role model proving there are no limits to success.