Cata Freer is a Costa Rican model signed with BLAR, Gooseberry, Stradvarious and French Vanilla swimsuit and lingerie companies. She was born in Costa Rica on August 31, 1991. She later moved to Barcelona, Spain.

Career Highlights

She was crowned Miss Costa Rica in 2019. She is a blogger and owner of High Select Modeling international company based in Costa Rica. Her modeling shots made her popular on Instagram with over 167K followers. You can see her modeling fashionable clothes. Most of them are bikinis but not much purchasing information.

Purchasing Swimsuits She Models On The Gram

I did see a brief comment that she is a fitness enthusiast. There is not much information about her workout routine, but her passion for fitness definitely shows when she is posing in the bikinis she is modeling on the gram. Her enthusiasm for working out has made her one of the richest models from Costa Rica. She has a net worth of one to five million dollars. If you see her Instagram, you are going want to buy. The swimsuit brands she models are surprisingly reasonably priced. The swimsuits are brightly colored, has unique designs and prints and are stylish.

Descriptions of her Swimsuits On The Gram

She stopped in New York City on a world tour. She is showing off a black spaghetti strapped dress with black high heels. I love the background of this photo in New York. The dress is from fitting and cut to accent the waist.

I like all of the clothes she is wearing. I absolutely love the white lacy bikini, but it may be lingerie. It is all white and very lacy. It is a french cut see through top and matching bottoms. The white outfit is very feminine, very pretty and very delicate. The next fashion I am going to review for you is the exotic jungle leopard bikini. Seeing this bikini really makes me wish I could go to her fashion shows a couple of times a year. Every woman would love to have the same leopard print bikini in her closet. I wish I could get a description of the fabric to know if it can be worn in the salt water and in the swimming pool.I never buy bikinis or swimsuits that I cannot wear in the water. In another post, she is wearing a gold tank top with a white pleated skirt. The outfit looks exactly like a cheerleading uniform. She is also wearing white athletic socks with white tennis shoes. The only caption she put in her Instagram is “who wants to play?” It may be a women’s tennis outfit.
The last two outfits I will tell you about are two workout fashions. She is going to workout in a long sleeved black leotard with slits in it. The black leotard is high cut on the hips to make your legs look longer and low cut at the top. The other one is a Nike sports crop top with fitted shorts and Nike shoes. She is on the running track. Her matching Nike shoes are black with soles trimmed in white with the Nike logo on it.

I can sit here all night and talk about the gorgeous clothes all of us would love to have. Cata Freer’s enthusiasm for exercising is what had her modeling career catapult straight to the top.