Eight hundred posts on instagram and 623 thousand followers and even if that isn’t enough, this star has gone international. Just in case you are wondering which star we are talking about, we are talking about Sarai Rollins. If you are like many people and aren’t sure if where you have heard that name, it’s because Sarai is so popular that she has been working alot.

She is perhaps best known as a print and runway model. You may have seen her work with top brand names like Hush Los Angeles, Maximum Magazine or the Kardashian Collection. If you saw that ever popular Superbowl commercial for Doritos, you may have seen her in that too. Sarai was orn in December of 1989 and has been modeling in the United States for many years before working her way up the international ladder. In modeling there are no over night success stories but you can rest assured that Sarai Rollins is a name that isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, if you want the trends you will see that her foloowers stay loyal and continue to grow as do the companys she works with.

As a native of SoCal and being from Topanga, CA originally, Sarai stared becoming popular when she did work for Rokstar Energy and used her own social media following to help showcase her work. That photo shoot got her featured in Forbes Magazine and she bacame RockStar’s Top Model. Around 2014 Sarai took a break from both modeling and social media to attend The American University of Kuwait. After two years of accademic study she came back to the socal media followers and the modeling industry.

Sarai Rollins was able to adapt to the changes that occured both on social media and in the modeling industry. She also pursued things like art and content creationg like swimwear, fitness and big fashion. In addition to the modeling world, Saira took on her own forms of drawing, painting and art which she freely shares with her countless social media followers. Sarai enjoys interacting with her followers and is very pleased with the comments, questions and interaction taht her fans and social media followers give her on a daily basis.

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💘This post is mainly for my female followers- I adore you all; and love sharing my s̶k̶i̶n̶ c̶a̶r̶e̶ r̶o̶u̶t̶i̶n̶e̶, ahem, M͟͟E͟͟D͟͟ S͟͟P͟͟A͟͟& M͟͟O͟͟R͟͟E͟͟ R͟͟O͟͟U͟͟T͟͟I͟͟N͟͟E͟͟ with you💞🤫🥳Sooo this isn’t me currently, it’s close though- just switch the clothes for Pjs and the chair for my bed lol! I’ve been at home all day recovering from a procedure/ surgery looking crazy💉🩺🩹- and I’ve documented the whole thing. Just waiting to get fully healed up so I can show anyone who is interested the before and after and share all the details 😉🥰 can you guess what I did? 😱🤫😎 Hint 1: above my bellybutton , below my forehead Hint 2: there are stitches Hint 3: didn’t require general anesthesia Hint 4: it was elective, but sometimes can be covered by insurance. Aesthetic preferences are so personal, as is any body modification ( surgeries/ Med spa stuff / tattoos/ piercings / hair etc. ) so please be kind in the comments 🤓💜 #surgery #only #fans #beverlyhills #plasticsurgery #fillers

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There are a few facts that only some of her fans know like, from the age of 2 until she was 9 years old, Sarai lived in Kansas. She also is a certified Real Estate Agent and has traveled to over 25 countries. We are sure that when she isn’t busy on a photo shoot or on a runway she is locked up in her hotel room watching her favorite movie, The Labyrinth. Sarai has said many times over that she loves her work and the ability it gives her to work with like minded people. She loves to creat art both on the runway and off. She enjoys traveling and checking out all of the beautiful places that the internation scene has to offer. Anothe rlittle known secret is that Sarai loves charity work too. She has helped Casa Pacifical which is an organization that helps children who are neglected by offering them assistance and houses to live in. From time to time she also donates some of her proceeds of art sales to National Awareness for Mental Illness.